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How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog Easily | Successful Tips and Tricks

Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog Easily.

It doesn’t matter how many times Google AdSense has rejected you. Believe me; you are the next one who is going to get the approval of Google AdSense. Because of in this article I am going to disclose the secret of Google AdSense also going to find out the mistake you have made.

I will give you 99.99% guaranty and help you to get Google AdSense approved, but you have to abide by the command that is actually tipping. If you follow the complete step I will sagest then I am telling you Google will be complying to approve your application. So keep you’re all frustration away and refresh yourself. Now get ready to continue with me.

My first tips for you finish reading this article carefully. Continue reading this article very carefully and attentively to the end. Don’t try to skip even a word otherwise; the condition will be broken out. It will be better for you if you will read one more time to make a batter understand.

Now Here I Am Going To Shear My Successful Ways Of Getting Google AdSense Approval

For Your New Blog or Website Easily Without Any Dismissal.


    Read Google AdSense policy

A lot of people are getting rejected for Google AdSense While Google is trying to increase their publisher. What is the reason of that? The reason is they never read the complete Google AdSense policy or don’t understand it. If you have got disapproval from Google already, then I am sure you don’t read entire AdSense policy or didn’t understand.

Suppose you are as an employee of a multinational, but you don’t know any rules of the company even basic.Isn’t it little bit uncharacteristic? Yes, it is. When you must have to know the company rules as a staff of the company, then why it would be different for Google. Let me explain another way.

What did you do to apply for a job first? You must read the job secular. Just think about it. Is it possible that you are going to ask for a job when you have no job circular? Is it not ridicules? Of course, it is an abnormal activity. At the same time, it’s so uncharacteristic that someone is going to apply for Google absence without reading their policy.

So your first requirement to read Google Adsense program policy from top to bottom before submitting your next application.

    Understand Google AdSense Terms and Conditions:

When someone goes to applies for Adsense, then his/her must have to agree with Google Adsense Terms and Condition. Unfortunately, most of the people tend to agree without reading this that’s a bad practice.

Understand AdSense terms and condition is a crucial part of every AdSense publisher. That’s why in this part Google disclosed about some critical behavior that he does with its publisher. Also, Google mentions what kind of behavior it except from its publisher.

And the most important part of this section is, Google has specific terms and condition for an individual place for some critical issue as a tax.

So make sure you have selected your country before starting to read.

    Know some Google criteria to get Adsense approval:

Google has an answer on How to get your application approved. Here You can find out more details in deep.Google has some additional condition for some specific aria.

For example: In some locations, including China and India, your website has to be at last 6-month-old.

In this article, you also know about some simple but powerful things. You will know how to submit your Payee/Contact Name, Address, Email Address, Unsupported Language for Google Adsense.

You will get This Application tips in this help article.

    Make sure your website did not violate Google webmaster policy.

When you want to become an AdSense publisher, than ever and never you could not ignore Google webmaster rules. With the site, you are going to apply for Google Adsense program must have to build under google webmaster policy. Either there is no change to get approved by Google Adsense.

So before you start to build your website make sure, you know all the condition of Google webmaster.It does not only help to get approved by Google Adsense. Also, it would help you to get huge traffic from Google search engine.

In my opinion, every online publisher should know details and use Google webmaster. Because Google webmaster is the ever best tool to make a high quality and user-friendly website.

So make sure your site did not include violet Google webmaster policy before applying for Google Adsense. If almost you have built your site without following Google webmaster guide the try to rebuild your website with Webmaster Quality guidelines.

    Publish Sufficient Contents or Posts

You have to publish sufficient contents or posts on your website and blog. As a whole, you ought to have around 30 blogs post on your blog. It is not the official declaration. However, I suggest everyone to a minimum of getting it. However, if your blog in WordPress then considers publishing some more post (around 50). So, you ought to have a minimum of 6-7 posts in each and every category, tag and page.

Google AdSense told that people should have sufficient contents on every website. So, you need to add contents in all pages and categories.  There should not be any blank page with no content. Which posts need to pass the minimum period of 500-600 words because it is the very best blog publish length. The more long post will be more qualify to get Adsense approval.

Some Adsense blogger tends to publish very long post over 2000 word. A long post not only helps you to get Adsense approval also help your site to rank in Google search.

    Write high-quality Content

Content is King this proverb is more affected to Google AdSense then SEO. With spam content some time you may cheat Google boot but not AdSense team.

AdSense is the ever highest paying advertising network. Google ensures to give high-quality traffic to its advertiser. And people love to buy traffic from Google for its traffic quality.The only high-quality blog can drive high-quality traffic. A higher-quality blog is identified using the high-quality Excellent content.

Excellent content means unique, well decorated, easy to read, mentioned and visible concerted content.

Google does not want to lose their reputation that they had built for a long time. So there is no change to get AdSense approval with a shit content.

Please bear in mind, AdSense does not approve blogs with copy pasted copyright content. A properly-enhanced blog ought to be 100% unique and up to 500-600 words. So, always write blog post above this limit, and it should be unique which precisely determinate the publish subject.

To be a Google publisher, you must have to write content. Don’t copy content from another website. Alternatively, don’t use other website content with only rewriting.That is why when you rewrite any content then the content lost its characteristics. It being heart to read also sometimes it bears a different meaning.

Not only that, if you rewrite content from another site then you must be caught in copy escape.

If copy paste and rewrite submissions are enough, anyone can declare him like a blogger. So you cannot be a Google publisher with revising content.

Your content should be an explicit mention of the topics. If you do not describe the issue clearly through your content, then Google AdSense will not approve your application.

So make sure before your next application, your content is unique, no copy paste or rewriting, easy to read and not an incomplete story of the title.

    Don’t use copyright image in your blog

Google AdSense does not approve blogs when they result in copyrighted contents. Copyrighted material means things that happen to be copied from any other website without their permission. Even it’s prohibited to use Image from Google search without filter using rights. So we make fault each time when selecting a picture. Many people go to an image list, place their appropriate pictures and upload these on their blogs. Did they ever check should they have permission to make use of these? The truly sad news is the fact, which the majority of the webmasters who neglect to get AdSense due to this copyrighted law. Which is brought to by copyrighted images. Listed here are guides which will help you find images free of charge: Pixabay,Everypixel.

    Add some page in your site

It is required to add some page to your website to mention about your site to the visitor. Without adding those page, you will not get Google Adsense approval.

 About us Page:  First of all, you need to add an about us page. So that viewer can know about your site. On this page, you need to describe you and your site.

Privacy Policy: Secondly you have to write a page about Privacy policy. In this page, you have to mention about the behavior of your site.

Contact Us: The third requirement is to add up a contact us page. On this page, you need to add a contact form. If any of your visitors have some question or any need to communicate with you, they can contact you by the contact form.

This 3 page is required to have on your site to get Google AdSense approval.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you have an affiliate link on your site, then you need to add a page about affiliate information.

    Make sure your site has no forbidden content

To be accepted by Google Adsense your website or blog has to be free from Adsense prohibited content. If your site has content about adult, hacking, cracking, drug, or any violent content, then the site won’t be approved by Adsense. Check Adsense policy  To know more about the kinds of prohibited content.

    User-Friendly Design

Website design has a significant impact to get Google Adsense approval.Your site must have a user-friendly layout.Site navigation should be clear.  Your site should not have scribble design and have a clear navigation menu. So that visitor fell comfort to visit your site and can shift one page to another page easy.

    Remove bad script and add

If your site has any bad script that forces traffic like popup or pop under then, you should remove it. Also, you should remove add to another add network.You may use those add with Google add after getting approval. But before your apply for Google Adsense remove all add from your site.

Note: if you have Amazon or any other affiliate link in your post then you no need to remove it.


If you have unique content on your site, then traffic does not matter.Google does not have care about traffic score. But you can not drive traffic from any illegal place. If your site has no traffic, no problem. But if you have traffic from cheap quality source then it’s a problem. So make sure you have no Pop-up, Pop Under, Iframe Traffic source.

Now go to Apply

If you follow all of the above pointed out tips, you’re probably going to get your AdSense application approval next apply. Do tell me for those who have any particular question associated with AdSense approval, and that I would like to respond to them. Should you enjoyed studying this short article, remember to talk about it on Google and Facebook.

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