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How to Protect Google AdSense from Banned/Disable

How to Protect Google AdSense from Banned/Disable? Here are Some Tips to protect/save your Adsense Account from banned. Just avoid AdSense disable simply following the rules below.

Protect your Google AdSense from Banned is a very crucial part while you are a Google Adsense Publisher. Google Adsense is the ever highest paying advertising Network to Monetize your blog or Website. You almost know that getting Approve on Google Adsense is never so easier but protect your Google AdSense from Banned is harder than getting it approves. A little mistake of you can destroy your expected valuable Adsense account.

In 2016 over billion of Google Adsense Has been banned. Moreover,  I am one of them who has lost 3 Adsense account in 2016 due to invalid activity. Then I wear a new Google Adsense publisher, and I did not care about Google banned.

After that, I became serious about that. After lots of studies, I discovered my fault also another fault for that Google can ban your Adsense Account.

Remember! Google is very straight forward to Adsense Trams and policy. If you make any mistake against Google AdSense, then Google must ban your account.

As a Google Publisher, It is your responsibility to protect your Google Adsense From Banned.

Suddenly, I realize I have to aware some new Google Publisher who are new and not aware of their AdSense account.

Here in this article, I am going to share some issue that you should not do if you do not want to get banned your Google Adsense Account.

How to Protect Google AdSense from Banned

How to Protect Google Adsense Account?

Follow the instruction below and keep your AdSense safe.

    Hide Add

People tend to hide Google Adsense to enhance their earning.  However, you must get banned by Google Adsense if you hide your Google add. Remember AdSense team checks your website very often. Especially, They visit your site When your site gets visitors. If they saw you have hide add then, they will disable your account. I have got banned my one Google AdSense account from hiding my add. Since I have banned by AdSense to hidden google add, so I will strongly recommend you not to hide your add.

So don’t hide your add to get a click or only impression.  By doing this, Google must disable your Adsense account.

    Wrong Add Placement

Wrong or Bad Add Placement or Put your Add in Wrong place is one of the biggest reason to get banned from Google Adsense. Huge people make their AdSense account disable by putting add in wrong place.

What is Wrong Add Placement?

Bad Add Placement is not put your add in a safe place. If you put your add code in place, where it could get an accidental click. When you receive some accidental click, then your account will be disabled due to invalid activity.

So it is essential to put your Add Code in Safe place.

How to avoid Wrong Add Placement?

  • No To put your add code just below or up heading.  If you want to keep, your Google adds around heading then make a gap (minimum 150PX) between heading and add.
  • Do not place instead of a button or around a button.  Putting add around button may confuse your viewer.
  • Don’t use Google add instead of the image.
  • Don’t place add on the place where is no content.
  • Should not put add on a popup.
  • Don’t place add code instead of men.
  • Finally, don’t put your add any confusing place.

    Customize Add Code

Probably you have real skill on coding. However, never make a mistake like editing Google Add code. Edit add code to change is actively prohibits by Google.  If you want to show particular size adds then use custom size add. However, remember custom-size have a negative impact.  So instead of using custom add do not try to edit size in add code. If you want to use custom-size add then first read Google custom-sized ad policy.


    Adult Content

It is not fair that you use adult content to publish Google add. Google disable one of my AdSense accounts for posting the adult image. So to keep your AdSense account safe never published adult or sexual content(Text, Video, Audio, Image).

    Host Copyright Content

Don’t host any copyright content in your site where running your AdSense like movie, music, picture whatever is it. Especially image. Don’t use an image from other site or Google search.  If you take an image from Google for your blog or website, then filter by ‘labeled for reuse.’

Also, don’t publish any hacking or cracking content.

If you host any copyright content in your site, then AdSense will disable your account.

    Unsupported Language

Unfortunately, Google AdSense does not support all Language. Don’t publish your Google ad on Unsupported Language’s site.  Don’t post any unsupported content in your site where you have Google ad.

    Send Add -By Email

Some people USE Google add in the Email and send the mail to their viewer. If you do something like this, Sent your add by mail Google AdSense will disable your account.


    Low-Quality Traffic

You cannot drive low-quality traffic for your Google AdSense. You may buy traffic for your site. However, cannot buy low-quality traffic like PopUP, PopUnder, Iframe or boot traffic. Google track your traffic with their IP and details.

If you drive low-quality traffic or use any traffic boot to send traffic then, AdSense will ban or disable your account.

If you use any traffic software to view your website, Google will ban your AdSense account.

You cannot drive traffic from any site which has copyright or prohibited content.  Google does not allow traffic from copyright site.

    High And Low CTR

CTR or Click through Rate is the post powerful impact for Google AdSense.  If you have high CTR, then you will get banned from AdSense. Most people say that you cannot cross 10% CTR. If you have CTR over 10% for one day, Google will disable your AdSense account. The save CTR rate is 3 to 5 present.  CTR 7% or 8% may be tolerant. However, 10% or over it, your account has fallen into the risk.

At the same time it also very risks having a low CTR. If you have very low CTR like 0.50% or below it, that means your site is getting a view by the boot.

Moreover, remember Google AdSense Does not allow boot traffic.


    Tell People To Click Add

Don’t tell people to click on you add. Many people do this. They do this like this “Please Click on The ad” “Click on the link below” “Click on the image below.” If you do such kind of stupid things, Google must ban your ad account. If you force or encourage people anyhow to click on your add, Google will disable your account.



    Don’t shear your site with your Friend

You should not share your site with your buddies. That is why Your Friends could click on add to help you so that you can earn more. However, the problem is if your friends click on your add often then your AdSense account could be disabled for invalid clicks. Your friends will want to help, but finally, you will be a loss.

    Don’t shear your site with other

It is a little bit dangerous to shear your site with other people you may know. Because you do not know, who is the culprit among them? If there is any culprit amongst them, He can damage your AdSense by continuously clicking. Remember somebody does not want our god at all. Moreover, you should stay away from this kind of people.

    Don’t Shear your Earning with other

If you share, your earn with other people, they could be jealous. Moreover, they can try to disable your AdSense account so that you could not earn any more.

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