Click Bombing or invalid clicks

How To Protect Click Bombing or invalid clicks and Save AdSense

Hi, reader! Today I will tell you how did I Protect Click Bombing or invalid clicks on my website, and save my AdSense account from disabling.

Google will disable your AdSense account if you have invalid clicks.


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What is Click Bombing/ invalid clicks?

Invalid clicks are those clicks that you get on your Google add, violating AdSense policy. When you get some click from one IP address, then Google count those as invalid clicks.  Getting a lot of malicious clicks or someone clicks on your Google ads continuously, are invalid clicks. Moreover, affected by invalid clicks are click bombing.

Also having high click through rate is invalid clicks.


Why should you protect Click Bombing/ invalid clicks?

Sometimes you may get many clicks from viewer constantly. The viewer can do it consciously or subconsciously. Also sometimes, your evil wisher can stay clicking on your ad to get you banned. So if you do not protect your account from click bombing, then you will lose your Google Adsense account.


How did I Protect Click Bombing/ invalid clicks in my WordPress Website?

If you have AdSense on your WordPress blog, then it is effortless to protect your AdSense account from click boom or invalid clicks.

In this system, you can easily control your viewer click behavior on your add. You can choose how much clicks a visitor can click on your add, also can control time. Your viewer never can cross their add limit in the remaining time.


I have protected my WordPress blog from click bombing with Click fraud monitor Adsense plugin. Although this is a paid plugin, you can get a free version on GitHub.

If you want to buy this plugin, then follow it is the official site.

To get this plugin for free only search on google with the keyword “Click fraud monitor Adsense  plugin”

Alternatively, follow the download link here.

Now install the plugin in your WordPress Blog.

To install:: Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin >> Choose Fle >> Instakll Now. After installetion active your plugin.


After activation, Go to “Plugins” menu and you will get “Click-Fraud Monitor.” Click on it to get Click-Fraud Monitor’s setting page.

Now you are on the dashboard of the click-fraud monitor, from where you can choose you option to control the plugin.

Here I am Going to describe Anti Click-Fraud Settings

  • Click Limit: This is the maximum limit of clicks someone can do. I have given this value 2. That means when some on my adds 2 times, will be blocked and the add will be hidden.
  • Clicks during last n days: This is the time of maximum clicks in the day. I have added here 7 days. That means no one can more than two clicks within 7 days.
  • E-Mail address:  This is for an email address where the plugin sent a notification when it will block someone. However, this feature does not work in the free version.
  • Disable all ads: select this option will hide all adds when you get a lot of malicious clicks. You must activate this option.
  • Custom Class: This is the CSS class. By default, there is a class ‘cfmonitor’. However, you can change it, but I did not.
  • Block my IP:  using this option you can block your IP, also someone else IP you want.

Now save your setting.

After setting your option copy the required code. You will get the code just upper of save button. The code would be look like “<div class=’cfmonitor’> ADSENSE CODE HERE </div>.”  It is a CSS div and put your add inside the div.


Examle of Protect Click Bombing

Now your google add is protected from Click Bombing or invalid Click.


Alternative WordPress plugins to protect Click bombing is Clickbomb-Protect


You can also use this plugin to protect your add. However, there is a bug I have found. That is, if you install this plugin after installing theme then it does not work. So you have to use this plugin before installing your theme.

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