How to Protect Google AdSense from Banned/Disable

How to Protect Google AdSense from Banned/Disable? Here are Some Tips to protect/save your Adsense Account from banned. Just avoid AdSense disable simply following the rules below.

Protect your Google AdSense from Banned is a very crucial part while you are a Google Adsense Publisher. Google Adsense is the ever highest paying advertising Network to Monetize your blog or Website. You almost know that getting Approve on Google Adsense is never so easier but protect your Google AdSense from Banned is harder than getting it approves. A little mistake of you can destroy your expected valuable Adsense account.

In 2016 over billion of Google Adsense Has been banned. Moreover,  I am one of them who has lost 3 Adsense account in 2016 due to invalid activity. Then I wear a new Google Adsense publisher, and I did not care about Google banned.

After that, I became serious about that. After lots of studies, I discovered my fault also another fault for that Google can ban your Adsense Account.

Remember! Google is very straight forward to Adsense Trams and policy. If you make any mistake against Google AdSense, then Google must ban your account.

As a Google Publisher, It is your responsibility to protect your Google Adsense From Banned.

Suddenly, I realize I have to aware some new Google Publisher who are new and not aware of their AdSense account.

Here in this article, I am going to share some issue that you should not do if you do not want to get banned your Google Adsense Account.

How to Protect Google AdSense from Banned

How to Protect Google Adsense Account?

Follow the instruction below and keep your AdSense safe.

    Hide Add

People tend to hide Google Adsense to enhance their earning.  However, you must get banned by Google Adsense if you hide your Google add. Remember AdSense team checks your website very often. Especially, They visit your site When your site gets visitors. If they saw you have hide add then, they will disable your account. I have got banned my one Google AdSense account from hiding my add. Since I have banned by AdSense to hidden google add, so I will strongly recommend you not to hide your add.

So don’t hide your add to get a click or only impression.  By doing this, Google must disable your Adsense account.

    Wrong Add Placement

Wrong or Bad Add Placement or Put your Add in Wrong place is one of the biggest reason to get banned from Google Adsense. Huge people make their AdSense account disable by putting add in wrong place.

What is Wrong Add Placement?

Bad Add Placement is not put your add in a safe place. If you put your add code in place, where it could get an accidental click. When you receive some accidental click, then your account will be disabled due to invalid activity.

So it is essential to put your Add Code in Safe place.

How to avoid Wrong Add Placement?

  • No To put your add code just below or up heading.  If you want to keep, your Google adds around heading then make a gap (minimum 150PX) between heading and add.
  • Do not place instead of a button or around a button.  Putting add around button may confuse your viewer.
  • Don’t use Google add instead of the image.
  • Don’t place add on the place where is no content.
  • Should not put add on a popup.
  • Don’t place add code instead of men.
  • Finally, don’t put your add any confusing place.

    Customize Add Code

Probably you have real skill on coding. However, never make a mistake like editing Google Add code. Edit add code to change is actively prohibits by Google.  If you want to show particular size adds then use custom size add. However, remember custom-size have a negative impact.  So instead of using custom add do not try to edit size in add code. If you want to use custom-size add then first read Google custom-sized ad policy.


    Adult Content

It is not fair that you use adult content to publish Google add. Google disable one of my AdSense accounts for posting the adult image. So to keep your AdSense account safe never published adult or sexual content(Text, Video, Audio, Image).

    Host Copyright Content

Don’t host any copyright content in your site where running your AdSense like movie, music, picture whatever is it. Especially image. Don’t use an image from other site or Google search.  If you take an image from Google for your blog or website, then filter by ‘labeled for reuse.’

Also, don’t publish any hacking or cracking content.

If you host any copyright content in your site, then AdSense will disable your account.

    Unsupported Language

Unfortunately, Google AdSense does not support all Language. Don’t publish your Google ad on Unsupported Language’s site.  Don’t post any unsupported content in your site where you have Google ad.

    Send Add -By Email

Some people USE Google add in the Email and send the mail to their viewer. If you do something like this, Sent your add by mail Google AdSense will disable your account.


    Low-Quality Traffic

You cannot drive low-quality traffic for your Google AdSense. You may buy traffic for your site. However, cannot buy low-quality traffic like PopUP, PopUnder, Iframe or boot traffic. Google track your traffic with their IP and details.

If you drive low-quality traffic or use any traffic boot to send traffic then, AdSense will ban or disable your account.

If you use any traffic software to view your website, Google will ban your AdSense account.

You cannot drive traffic from any site which has copyright or prohibited content.  Google does not allow traffic from copyright site.

    High And Low CTR

CTR or Click through Rate is the post powerful impact for Google AdSense.  If you have high CTR, then you will get banned from AdSense. Most people say that you cannot cross 10% CTR. If you have CTR over 10% for one day, Google will disable your AdSense account. The save CTR rate is 3 to 5 present.  CTR 7% or 8% may be tolerant. However, 10% or over it, your account has fallen into the risk.

At the same time it also very risks having a low CTR. If you have very low CTR like 0.50% or below it, that means your site is getting a view by the boot.

Moreover, remember Google AdSense Does not allow boot traffic.


    Tell People To Click Add

Don’t tell people to click on you add. Many people do this. They do this like this “Please Click on The ad” “Click on the link below” “Click on the image below.” If you do such kind of stupid things, Google must ban your ad account. If you force or encourage people anyhow to click on your add, Google will disable your account.



    Don’t shear your site with your Friend

You should not share your site with your buddies. That is why Your Friends could click on add to help you so that you can earn more. However, the problem is if your friends click on your add often then your AdSense account could be disabled for invalid clicks. Your friends will want to help, but finally, you will be a loss.

    Don’t shear your site with other

It is a little bit dangerous to shear your site with other people you may know. Because you do not know, who is the culprit among them? If there is any culprit amongst them, He can damage your AdSense by continuously clicking. Remember somebody does not want our god at all. Moreover, you should stay away from this kind of people.

    Don’t Shear your Earning with other

If you share, your earn with other people, they could be jealous. Moreover, they can try to disable your AdSense account so that you could not earn any more.

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How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog Easily | Successful Tips and Tricks

Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog Easily.

It doesn’t matter how many times Google AdSense has rejected you. Believe me; you are the next one who is going to get the approval of Google AdSense. Because of in this article I am going to disclose the secret of Google AdSense also going to find out the mistake you have made.

I will give you 99.99% guaranty and help you to get Google AdSense approved, but you have to abide by the command that is actually tipping. If you follow the complete step I will sagest then I am telling you Google will be complying to approve your application. So keep you’re all frustration away and refresh yourself. Now get ready to continue with me.

My first tips for you finish reading this article carefully. Continue reading this article very carefully and attentively to the end. Don’t try to skip even a word otherwise; the condition will be broken out. It will be better for you if you will read one more time to make a batter understand.

Now Here I Am Going To Shear My Successful Ways Of…

          Get Google AdSense Approval

For Your New Blog or Website Easily Without Any Dismissal.


    Read Google AdSense policy

A lot of people are getting rejected for Google AdSense While Google is trying to increase their publisher. What is the reason of that? The reason is they never read the complete Google AdSense policy or don’t understand it. If you have got disapproval from Google already, then I am sure you don’t read entire AdSense policy or didn’t understand.

Suppose you are as an employee of a multinational, but you don’t know any rules of the company even basic.  Isn’t it little bit uncharacteristic? Yes, it is. When you must have to know the company rules as a staff of the company, then why it would be different for Google. Let me explain another way.

What did you do to apply for a job first? You must read the job secular. Just think about it. Is it possible that you are going to ask for a job when you have no job circular? Is it not ridicules? Of course, it is an abnormal activity. At the same time, it’s so uncharacteristic that someone is going to apply for Google absence without reading their policy.

So your first requirement to read Google Adsense program policy from top to bottom before submitting your next application.

    Understand Google AdSense Terms and Conditions:

When someone goes to applies for Adsense, then his/her must have to agree with Google Adsense Terms and Condition. Unfortunately, most of the people tend to agree without reading this that’s a bad practice.

Understand AdSense terms and condition is a crucial part of every AdSense publisher. That’s why in this part Google disclosed about some critical behavior that he does with its publisher. Also, Google mentions what kind of behavior it except from its publisher.

And the most important part of this section is, Google has specific terms and condition for an individual place for some critical issue as a tax.

So make sure you have selected your country before starting to read.

    Know some Google criteria to get Adsense approval:

Google has an answer on “How to get your application approved.” Here You can find out more details in deep.  Google has some additional condition for some specific aria.

For example: In some locations, including China and India, your website has to be at last 6-month-old.

In this article, you also know about some simple but powerful things. You will know how to submit your Payee/Contact Name, Address, Email Address, Unsupported Language for Google Adsense.

You will get This Application tips in this help article.

    Make sure your website did not violate Google webmaster policy.

When you want to become an AdSense publisher, than ever and never you could not ignore Google webmaster rules. With the site, you are going to apply for Google Adsense program must have to build under google webmaster policy. Either there is no change to get approved by Google Adsense.

So before you start to build your website make sure, you know all the condition of Google webmaster.  It does not only help to get approved by Google Adsense. Also, it would help you to get huge traffic from Google search engine.

In my opinion, every online publisher should know details and use Google webmaster. Because Google webmaster is the ever best tool to make a high quality and user-friendly website.

So make sure your site did not include violet Google webmaster policy before applying for Google Adsense. If almost you have built your site without following Google webmaster guide the try to rebuild your website with Webmaster Quality guidelines.

    Publish Sufficient Contents or Posts

You have to publish sufficient contents or posts on your website and blog. As a whole, you ought to have around 30 blogs post on your blog. It is not the official declaration. However, I suggest everyone to a minimum of getting it. However, if your blog in WordPress then considers publishing some more post (around 50). So, you ought to have a minimum of 6-7 posts in each and every category, tag and page.

Google AdSense told that people should have sufficient contents on every website. So, you need to add contents in all pages and categories.  There should not be any blank page with no content. Which posts need to pass the minimum period of 500-600 words because it is the very best blog publish length. The more long post will be more qualify to get Adsense approval.

Some Adsense blogger tends to publish very long post over 2000 word. A long post not only helps you to get Adsense approval also help your site to rank in Google search.

    Write high-quality Content

“Content is King” this proverb is more affected to Google AdSense then SEO. With spam content some time you may cheat Google boot but not AdSense team.

AdSense is the ever highest paying advertising network. Google ensures to give high-quality traffic to its advertiser.  And people love to buy traffic from Google for its traffic quality.  And an only high-quality blog can drive high-quality traffic. A higher-quality blog is identified using the high-quality Excellent content.

Excellent content mean unique, well decorated, easy to read, mentioned and visible concerted content.

Google do not want to lose their reputation that they had built for a long time. So there is no change to get AdSense approval with a shit content.

Please bear in mind, AdSense does not approve blogs with copy pasted copyright content. A properly-enhanced blog ought to be 100% unique and up to 500-600 words. So, always write blog post above this limit, and it should be unique which precisely determinate the publish subject.

To be a Google publisher, you must have to write content. Don’t copy content from another website. Alternatively, don’t use other website content with only rewriting.  That is why when you rewrite any content then the content lost its characteristics. It being heart to read also sometimes it bears a different meaning.

Not only that, if you rewrite content from another site then you must be caught in copy escape.

If copy paste and rewrite submissions are enough, anyone can declare him like a blogger. So you cannot be a Google publisher with revising content.

Your content should be an explicit mention of the topics. If you do not describe the issue clearly through your content, then Google AdSense will not approve your application.

So make sure before your next apply, your content is unique, no copy paste or rewriting, easy to read and not an incomplete story of the title.

    Don’t use copyright image in your blog

Google AdSense does not approve blogs when they result in copyrighted contents. Copyrighted material means things that happen to be copied from any other website without their permission. Even it’s prohibited to use Image from Google search without filter using rights. So we make fault each time when selecting a picture. Many people go to an image list, place their appropriate pictures and upload these on their blogs. Did they ever check should they have permission to make use of these? The truly sad news is the fact, which the majority of the webmasters who neglect to get AdSense due to this copyrighted law. Which is brought to by copyrighted images. Listed here are guides which will help you find images free of charge: Pixabay,  Everypixel.

    Add some page in your site

It is required to add some page to your website to mention about your site to the visitor. Without adding those page, you will not get Google Adsense approval.

 About us Page:  First of all, you need to add an about us page. So that viewer can know about your site. On this page, you need to describe you and your site.

Privacy Policy:  Secondly you have to write a page about Privacy policy. In this page, you have to mention about the behavior of your site.

Contact Us: The third requirement is to add up a contact us page. On this page, you need to add a contact form. If any of your visitors have some question or any need to communicate with you, they can contact you by the contact form.

This 3 page are required to have on your site to get Google AdSense approval.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you have an affiliate link on your site, then you need to add a page about affiliate information.

    Make sure your site has no forbidden content

To be accepted by Google Adsense your website or blog has to be free from Adsense prohibited content. If your site has content about adult, hacking, cracking, drug, or any violent content, then the site won’t be approved by Adsense. Check Adsense policy  To know more about the kinds of prohibited content.

    User-Friendly Design

Website design has a significant impact to get Google Adsense approval.  Your site must have a user-friendly layout.  Site navigation should be clear.  Your site should not have scribble design and have a clear navigation menu. So that visitor fell comfort to visit your site and can shift one page to another page easy.

    Remove bad script and add

If your site has any bad script that forces traffic like popup or pop under then, you should remove it. Also, you should remove add to another add network.  You may use those add with Google add after getting approval. But before your apply for Google Adsense remove all add from your site.

Note: if you have Amazon or any other affiliate link in your post then you no need to remove it.


If you have unique content on your site, then traffic does not matter.  Google does not have care about traffic score. But you can not drive traffic from any illegal place. If your site has no traffic, no problem. But if you have traffic from cheap quality source then it’s a problem. So make sure you have no Pop-up, Pop Under, Iframe Traffic source.

Now go to Apply

If you follow all of the above pointed out tips, you’re probably going to get your AdSense application approval next apply. Do tell me for those who have any particular question associated with AdSense approval, and that I would like to respond to them. Should you enjoyed studying this short article, remember to talk about it on Google and Facebook.

One Viral Marketing Strategies to Drive Huge Traffic [Complete Autopilot System]

Hi there! I am Here to reveal to you One Viral Marketing Strategies that would help you to drive unlimited traffic from Facebook and Instagram to your website. There is one more Big surprise for you that if you copy the formula then ever and never your have to be a worry for Website Traffic.

You No need to do SEO for your Website, or you do not have to Pay Per Click to Drive traffic to your site. In This this formula, you do not have to content marketing, link building, Blog Posting, Forum Posting, video marketing or other anything methods else.

Just one Marketing Strategies you need to follow that is our Viral Marketing Strategies. it is 100% autopilot system. In this formula, you need just to remember Facebook and Instagram. If you have other plan or source to drive traffic then just forget it right now and make your concentration on This, and you believe or not, this system can turn the Huge amount of traffic Even driving million of the visitor in a single day is not impossible.

Now you Just Tell me if you get significant traffic to your site with this method then Do you need another Traffic Source? Of course, you do not need another traffic source. Even so, it would be batter.

You may underestimate that How much traffic you will get from Facebook and Instagram. It is entirely possible. You may think like this. So if you thought like this then first let me remove your confusion. According to the statistics, March 2017 Facebook has over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users. There are 1.15 billion mobile regular active users.

On The other hand, Instagram has more than 400 million monthly active users. Now just tell me is it not enough source for traffic. When you combine Facebook and Instagram traffic, then this is the ever biggest traffic source forever. It is even greater than Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

Now just tell me how much traffic do you need. 1000 in a day? 5000 in a Day? Ok, just fine 100000 in a day. Is it ok? Suppose if you got 5000 of traffic per day than your monthly traffic is 5000*30=150000 per month this massive and huge traffic for any niche site. Moreover, to cover the bandwidth of this traffics, you have to take a giant hosting service. Because in the standard hosting site you can not drive so much traffic.

So in this One Viral Marketing Strategies, you are in a limited area that is Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, I will recommend you do not try any other method or traffic source if you can. That is why when you think about another network then you will lose your performance on Facebook and Instagram. Remember Nobody can improve performance as a boss in every particular platform, and I think one Tiger is battered then ten foxes. That means To be a Boos of one side is better than being a servant of 10 parties.

I hope you have no doubt to acknowledge Facebook and Instagram as your traffic source.

Although we have selected two traffic source, You Should Watch Instagram with a special Eye. Because Instagram ever faster growing social media. Moreover, people love it a house because Instagram has advantage photo editing tools and using this tools you can make an awesome selfy. It is a real Fun.

On Instagram and Facebook, you Can Promote Your product your product with just a single image. Moreover, I hope you know that Image is the best way to go to Virl. The image works viral quicker than video and article. So in this Viral Marketing Strategies, your weapons are only pieces of Images. Moreover, this is the ever powerful weapons.

Now Let me show you why Image is The most powerful weapons Of the Viral Marketing Strategies.

  • Posting an Image is too Easy.
  • Editing Image is so easy where creating Video or writing content is such a harder.
  • Images are the easiest way to Engage your traffic.
  • Just five minute is enough to post an Image that will save your time.
  • Just one hour is sufficient time to complete your daily posting schedule.
  • Image get a response quicker than Content and Video.
  • You do not have to be Expert in English to post Image.
  • You no Need to Follow SEO rule to Edit an Image.
  • Images are crucial content for every social media.

Using GIF image to promote a product is a smart and latest Online Marketing Strategy. A GIF Image is more attractive than a simple JPG Image. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit have already embraced by GIFs... now you need to too. So in This Viral Marketing Campain, you will USE GIF Image that why GIF will help you to drive more traffic and boost up your profit.

Massively powerful animated GIF images not just add text but additionally focus viewer’s attention with pan & zoom, add effect, and also have animated sticker added on the top.

Regrettably, without proper tool, developing a new animated GIF with text, image, pan & zoom, effect, and animated sticker's difficult to do, and it might take hrs to create only one.

It takes both technical or design expertise, or, should you delegate; it might cost $100 to obtain just one animated GIF.

Of course, you need a lot of GIF Image for your daily post. Don’t worry about How to Get so many GIF? Because, I am very excited to tell you just how now there's completely new, revolutionary FlickGIF software, making new animated GIF creation super-fast and easy.
FlickGIF is a GIFAnimation Making Software. With FlickGIF making animated GIF is Just Fun.
FlickGIF may be the only GIF creation software that does all that…

FlickGIF enables you to create GIFs from video or from group of images, effect, image, and add text, animated flash sticker, and pan & zoom into it.

You may make a GIF in black & white-colored, switch it, play backward, as well as bounce animation playback backward and forwards rather of loop.

On the top of this FlickGIF provides you with the capability to render both traditionally animated GIF layout to make use of on any image social networking, and HD video format, to make use of on social networking with looping video support like Facebook.

This is the only GIF creation software that does everything.

Because FlickGIF enables you to employ flash animations as stickers, it offers a superior immediate access to countless existing flash animations in any existing market niche

FlickGIF fixes GIF animation problem on Facebook.

Are you aware that animated GIF image submitted straight to Facebook does not animate inside a publish but simply seems like a static image?

That is right.

Simultaneously, only GIF images shared on Facebook as exterior links can animate.

These causes problems because Facebook formula would rather expose content located on Facebook, making animated GIF images shared as external link achieve fewer people.

To resolve this issue and provide you with potential extra traffic from Facebook, FlickGIF enables you to render HD video with the same content as new animated GIF, so that you can upload it directly.

FlickGIF fixes GIF problem on Instagram

Are you aware that you cannot usually use animated GIFs on Instagram whatsoever?

That is true, Instagram does not allow animated GIFs on their platform however they do allow looping videos.

FlickGIF enables you to turn any GIF right into a perfectly looped mp4 file so that you can upload it straight to Instagram.

One Viral Marketing Strategies
Step 1

1: Import a video or set of images.


2: Select options


Step 2: Select options
Step 3: Render

3: Render

The Worth of FlickGIF Pro is $44 - but i give you FlickGIF pro For Free (This is your Bonus) 

In this time you have got your content making idea and source. Moreover, in this strategies, you never have to be a worry for content to make a viral marketing campaign.

So in this Marketing Strategy, you have a Facebook page and an Instagram profile for your Niche or product or website. Moreover, you promote your product through Facebook and Instagram Page. To promote your product, you use the image. To get Better engage you USE GIF Image.

Remember to boost up your engagement. You should not use GIF Animation or Static Image of other people. You post only the Image that you make. Moreover, This is the only one way to save your instinct. When you use Image, that other person already uses then your conversation rate will go down. However, when you use unique things, then people tend to grab it.

I hope till now everything is Ok and now I will tell you How to drive massive traffic for free when there is no like on your Facebook page also no follower on Instagram.

How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Website From Facebook and Instagram without any Facebook page like and any Instagram Follower.

​Now in this part, I will tell you Exactly how would you drive traffic from Facebook and Instagram. However, our primary target is Instagram. You can drive Huge traffic from Instagram using a third party system. It is a robust autopilot system. This system works behind Instagram 24 hours a day over the week behalf of you. In this system, you have just to create an Instagram Profile and then connect your Instagram profile with the system by just few click.

Then setup your requires setting like # Hashtags (Hashtags is Keyword Fresh of your desire Niche) and finally make a schedule your daily post. Moreover, to get the best performance, you need to set your post after every tow hours. You are all done. Now you go to chill.

Just 1-minute work to drive huge traffic for free

Hey, don’t laugh. I am not joking to you. If you have any dough then just watch the demo video below to check out how just 1-minute work can boost your traffic skyrocket.

Just 1-minute work

After complete the setup, this system will follow other which are interested in your product. Moreover, comment on their post and promote your product in their feed. Not only that in this system you will get minimum 300+ follower every day and all of them are targeted traffic.

Also, the system will unfollow the user who will not follow back you. So your Instagram follower will increase 300+ every day that means after one month you will get 300*30=9k follower every month, 54k fan every six months and 108k follower in a year. Moreover, everything will be automatically, why not this is a sophisticated autopilot system.

instaeasy review

Not only that the system will allow to setup 3 Instagram Profile at ones and every profile will work same. This system would help you to keep you Instagram Profile Up to Date every single moment that is the require condition to grow social media business. Moreover, for this final, You have to do nothing at all.


This is the system that will allow to setup 3 Instagram Profile at ones and every profile will work same. This system would help you to keep you Instagram Profile Up to Date every single moment that is the require condition to grow social media business. Moreover, for this final, You have to do nothing at all.


you need to connect your Facebook FanPage to Instagram Profile using IFTT. So that your Facebook Get Update autopilot by the power of your Instagram.

Now, this is Your decision that you follow this viral marketing strategy to Make your turn to Success or Not. I just can Show you the way to get success, but the journey is you. If you do not follow the way I have a show then I can not help you any other ways to get your success. However, believe me, this is the proven mastermind strategy that every successful people use.

This is such powerful ways to get massive targeted traffic to your website. I will give you 100% gratuity that the system will boost up your profits. This Autopilot strategy will work for everything like Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, E-commerce, Google Adsense, Lead Capture, etc. You no need any skill to get success using this software. Because this is an autopilot system and easy to USE.

instaeasy review

From now you no need to Paid marketing ever to get traffic. This system gives you highly targeted traffic through day to day, month to month, years to years.

However, you know that the world exists on one formula that is “Give and Take.” So you can not expect this powerful autopilot system for free. However, it is very cheap, and I think every online marketer could buy this. Because it will give you back dollar for every cent, you to spend. Moreover, I believe that it is an opportunity for every marketer who is serious about his/her future.


Otherwise, if you buy this software, then I will give you flickGIF pro software with lifetime license that is a greater offer for you. Moreover, nobody provides you with this offer again.

This is a Tow Bird with one Stone Offer for You. Just Follow the Link Below and Get you access to this autopilot system and Grab your offer. Remember Offer is limited so go first to make sure your copy of this offer. Moreover, Start Your Turn To Success as soon as Possible. You Competition is growing High, and your are losing your buyer in every single minute.


Get Your Autopilot Traffic system + Bonus Copy of FlickGIF Pro

When you purses for you Autopilot Traffic system then you will get your free copy automatically. If somehow you do not get this bonus then just mail me with your transaction proof so that I can send your gift. However, to get is a bonus you must have to buy through the link. Somehow if you miss buying through this link, then you will miss your Bonus, and I could do nothing for you.

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Way To Avoid 8 Kind Of Mistakes To Make A Smart Article For Your Blog

How To Write Article Without Mistake. Free tools to Check Spelling and Grammar.

It Does not matter how deep your knowledge of English. Because Everybody could make a mistake and it could be Consciously or unconsciously. However, you can avoid this error if you want and, it is so comfortable and quickest way to make an article/ Content without any mistake.

Neither Google Nor Visitor like shit content. You could be a Professional article writer or blogger or affiliate marketer, Whatever you are? You Should be aware of this Kind Of mistake to writing an article. Thatswhy a content with silly mistake can damage your reputation.

If you are not confident or use to make many mistakes like spelling, then don’t worry and just go to chill. Here in this support, I am going to reveal you Easiest Way To Avoid 8 Common Mistakes. So that, you can write your article smoothly with no error.


OK, let me show you what the eight common mistake is that most people do.


Here is 8 Kind Of Mistakes That Yoy Can Easily Avoid To Make A Smart Article

  • Contextual spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
  • Style
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Plagiarism
  • Type



In this tutorial, your are going to discover a magic tool that not only checks and find out your mistake also Correct all the mistake you have done. Moreover, you can use this software totally free. Although, it is open for few option and you have to pay to use advance option. However, if you have no enough money to buy this tools, then I have an Offer for you to use this means premium version for free.

However, to get my offer, you have to follow some shape. Otherwise, you can not use this software for free.

Grammarly Premium is writing improvement software that does not only corrects spelling and grammar errors but additionally supplies a full variety of tools to raise your writing. The program scans your text more than 250 kinds of grammar mistakes in six distinct writing genres. Grammarly offers informative flash cards to help you transform weak areas into strengths. The business’s community-driven Q&A piece is a superb source of authors for connecting and share understanding and encounters. Everything about Grammarly focuses on not just improving written texts but additionally developing the artists themselves. Because of lovely, it earns the very best Ten Reviews Silver Award.

There are Three ways you can USE Grammarly

  1. Browser Extention
  2. Microsoft add-ons
  3. Moreover, Windows app

You must install a browser extension. However, to write content, I will recommend you to USE Grammarly with MS Word. It is the most user-friendly.

When you install Grammarly Microsoft add-ons then in MSword you can apply all the feature above.

You can Check all the eight option individually on MS word. It will check Contextual Spelling, Grammer, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Style, Vocabulary enhancement and Plagiarism. Also, you can choose your content type.

So dear friends if you want to use Grammarly premium version for free then Click the link below and sign up.




For your kind information through the link, you Get Grammarly Premium Access For Free for a week. If you want to use this item for a long time for free then just mail me using contact form.


15 Professional Part Of Affiliate Marketing You Should Know

Bloggers and online marketers who’ve been into internet marketing for a long time understand affiliate marketing, as well as using the fact that it is the best way to Make money online.

In the following articles, I will share the fundamentals of internet affiliate marketing and all sorts of details you should know to be able to know how internet affiliate marketing works.

Earn money when you go to sleep.

“How to get start affiliate marketing?” Is the question of 99% people.

The concept behind affiliate marketing is you promote the other party’s products, and earn a commission when people buy this, because of your marketing.

It is according to revenue discussing. For those who have an item and wish to sell more, you can offer promoters an economic incentive. For those who have no product and want to earn money, you will be able to promote something that you are feeling has to value and produce earnings from this.

Whatever, today I wish to dive much deeper into what internet affiliate marketing is, what sides you will find into it and How to get the start.

    What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Internet affiliate marketing is among the earliest types of marketing to which you refer anyone to any online product so when that individual buys the merchandise according to your recommendation, you have a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a method to make money from the commission by the promoting third parties product. That means you promote or market someone’s product and when people buy it from your promotion, then you earn a commission.

However, Wikipedia discusses four different parties which are involved in affiliate marketing: the merchant, the network, the marketer and also the customer. Instead of 4, Some other definitions discuss three parties.

I will try to explain all four parts.  However, as it pertains lower towards the real marketing, there’s two sides of the affiliate equation: the merchandise creator and seller and also the marketer.

Therefore, Online affiliate marketing is visible as the entire process of distributing product creation and product marketing across different parties, where all parties get to be a share of the revenue, based on their contribution.

It is not only the promotion or simply the merchandise creation.

You may be both, the creator or even the marketer but still, make money from the actual concept of discussing revenue.

Now take a look at all the areas of an efficient affiliate marketing process.


The Merchant

Sometimes also referred to as the creator, the vendor, the company, the store or even the seller. They are the party that produces the merchandise. It is a big business, like Dyson, who provides vacuums.

Alternatively, it is a single individual, like Mariah Coz, who sells tutorial to female magnates.

From solo entrepreneurs to startups to large Fortune 500 companies, anybody may be the merchant behind a joint venture partner marketing system. It generally won’t even need to be positively involved; they only need to have a product to market.


The Affiliate:

This party is known as the publisher. Affiliates may also vary from a single person to whole companies.

It is in which the marketing happens. A joint venture partner promotes one or multiple products and attempts to attract and convince prospective customers of the need for the merchant’s product, so they finish up purchasing it.

It can do with start a review blog from the merchant’s products. Also, It may be a whole site, just focused on finding awesome products around a particular subject and promoting individuals.


The Customer:

The client or consumer helps make the affiliate system go round. Without sales, there aren’t any commissions to hands out with no revenue to become shared.

The affiliate will attempt to promote towards the consumer on whatever funnel they think fit, whether that is a social networking, digital billboards or through content marketing on the blog.

Either customer knows that they are a part of an affiliate marketing poses or not; it totally depends on the affiliate.

Some decide to let their customers know, and increasingly more affiliates are usually transparent regarding their marketing being incentivized financially, but others do not.

They allow the tracking system work without anyone’s knowledge, in which the customer can stick to the purchase process just like usual and also the affiliate still winds up being compensated a commission.


The Network

Only a few definitions think about this area of the internet affiliate marketing equation.  However, often, a network works being an intermediary between affiliate and merchant.

When you could technically promote online tips, someone has produced and merely arrange an immediate revenue tell them, letting a network handle the payment, and product delivery puts a far more serious note in your internet affiliate marketing.

Sometimes, affiliates need to go via a network to even have the ability to promote the merchandise.  For instance, this occurs when the merchant only released their product around the network.

The network then also works as a database of plenty of goods, of that the affiliate can pick which to advertise.

The most typical question I hear relates to how companies track the record of who’s delivering the traffic and making the sales. The honest response is having a tracking URL (a unique link provided to you through the affiliate company or product company).

This URL can be used to keep an eye on all of the traffic and purchases you are making your website or any other marketing techniques. Many elderly-fashioned affiliate marketing programs allow a customer to include the e-mail or referral details to take into account affiliate sales, but this is not the easiest method to track progress.

Though those four things are the big issue, nevertheless Here I am going to disclose more things related to affiliate marketing. I courage this will help you to understand better.


Affiliate software

Software applied by Network to build an affiliate system for the product.

Example: idevaffiliate


Affiliate link

Special tracking link provided by your affiliate marketing program to trace the progress of the affiliate promotion.

As Example: [junkie-hightlights color=”green”][/junkie-hightlights]


Affiliate ID

In Affiliate Network every affiliate member has specific ID. Most of the time ID add with product link for tracking.

As Example: Affiliate ID preview

Payment methods

Different affiliate marketing programs offer different ways of payment.

Example: Check, Wire transfer, PayPal, PayWoner others.


Affiliate Manager

Many companies have particular affiliate managers to assist publishers to earn more by providing them optimization tips.


Landing pages

A distinctive revenue or demo page used with regards to growing sales. The majority of the programs that you will be promoting have various landing pages, and you may operate A/B testing to determine what pages convert well for you.


Offer is nothing but an individual item inside Affiliate Network that people choose to sell. The offer means a product.  There is much product are available inside every Network. People pick one of them that get perfect for him.  When you choose an offer, then you will get your affiliate link to this offer or product.


Promote an Offer

Promote an Offer means to take action to present to the people to sell. When an affiliate link of some product you put on your Landing Page or somewhere else as if people can buy it that mean you promote an offer.   Promotion is the most important part of affiliate marketing. A good proportion can make huge money. So every people try to promote their product as good as possible.


Call to Action

In fact, Call to action is some king compelling word that motivates people to take action. Call to action is a powerful sentence that mentally attacks people to do something.  It is a master strategy to use a strong call to action to promote the offer to increase sell volume. It is a psychological term.

Example: “I want to drive free traffic to my Site” This is a call to action for free traffic curse.


Bonus Offer

The Bonus offer is a strategy of the marketer. Sometimes marketer offers something to attract people to increase their sell. An offer could be anything like Ebook, Software, Tutorial, toys, goods anything.

For Example:  “if you buy this theme then I will give you this plugin”


Sell funnel

Sell funnel is a prosses that people use to sell their product.  When you are going to sell some product on online then you need to do a plane about how would you sell. How do you expose it to your audience? you make a list of products that you want to sell. off course with their promotional ways. suppose you propose your buyer a product in a way and 2nd one in another way. The whole things of this planning is Sell funnel. Then you make your plane that you will build an Email list to promote your product by email or advertise your landing page on search engine.


How To Learn English Speaking Without Grammar

5 Tips That I Do To Learn English Speaking Without Complexity Rule of Grammar

How could you learn English Spoken without learning grammar? Learning Grammar is terrible. I heat grammar. But is it possible to learn English speaking without learning grammar? Yes definitely possible. I can talk English, although not like a native speaker, but I can. and I don’t know grammar.

I don’t know what your mother language is. You can speak in your mother language that means you know your mom’s language. But, Do you know the grammar of your mother language? Off course, you did not use grammar to learn your mom’s language. You have absorbed it subconsciously. And a native English speaker learns English without grammar and totally unconsciously.

Even though a native speaker doesn’t know grammar, he never tells “He go to school.” They must say “he goes to school”. Now the question is if they are not aware of the grammar then how they are adding up “s” or “es” with third parson singular number? Answer of the question is very simple. They are habituated to tell “he does, he goes, he knows.” They have learned it unconsciously because everybody says “he does, he goes.” and nobody says “he do” “he go.” Using the different rule in various type of sentence is nothing but the habit.

Do you know the grammar of your mother language properly? If you don’t know, then you must make a lot of mistakes while you are speaking to other. Aren’t you?  Yes, know body makes a mistake to talk to other in his/her mother language. Even though we don’t know grammar, we can speak in our mother language without any error.  If, this is true, then why don’t we apply this to learn another language?

Whatever, it seems to me that, we can learn another language without grammar as like as our mother language.  And we must do well in this ways. If you want to get to speak English really. actually, if you want to talk in English, then you can do it without learning grammar. And today I am going to tell you about my 5 practice that I do to learn English spoken.

Five tips to learn English spoken without learning grammar are nothing but 5 practices that i use in daily basis. You no need to study sentence, tense, voice, narration, or any other rule of grammar.  that’s why you are not going to be an English professor.

So, if you want to learn English for conversation or communicate with foreign people, then forget about learning grammar. and start this five practice below that I do.

    Learn English from Online

when you are interested in learning English speaking, then the internet is the great place, from where you can learn English. Not only English you can learn anything on online. Moreover, It is such an easy way to learn. Just find out your source to learn through the internet. You will get thousand of source “website.”  Just pick one of the sources and starts to learn your desire things.

However, when you are willing to learn English, then I will recommend you It is an excellent source of learning English. Whether you are a beginner, halfway, or a right speaker, it does not matter at all. You must get something from here to enhance your knowledge.

Why should you go to to learn English Speaking? It is a big issue. There is much reason

  • You need a guideline, and EngVid will guide you.
  • EngVid shows you, your next step thatYou can learn step by step,
  • You need to justify yourself and Engvid have quiz option to verify yourself for every lesson.
  • The accent of Engvid teacher is crystal clear that you can easily understand.
  • From here you can boost your Speaking, writing and hearing skill.
  • It is a great source for Vocabulary, Slang, phrase, grammar.
  • Moreover, the biggest part is you can improve your speaking capability with entertainment.


Just start you learning season with and continue regularly. I am sure within six months you would be able to speak English fluently. So don’t waste your time by procrastination.

Hey, friends! It is a greet for you that, every lesson of you will get on youtube. Just go to youtube search bar and type your teacher name to get all videos tutorial of the teacher.


YouTube is a great source for videos. Not only for watching Movie, Drama, Song also you can learn English spoken on youtube. There is a thousand of videos are available on youtube. On youtube, you can learn English with Niharika, Ronnie, Rachna, Adam and they are my favorite teacher.  You need just follow one lesson in a day.

So go to Youtube and search for your video with the name of the teacher and keep watching. When you complete one lesson, then go to and participate in the quiz.


    Watching Movie

Hey, Friends! I like Watching Movie. Do you like watching Movie? We end up watching the movie to spend our free time.  It is a greet entertainment, But you can turn it to learn English. When you are going to look at a movie, then try to watch only  English movie. Because it will help you increase your English skill. By Watching English movie, you can improve your both power hearing and speak.

It is possible the first time you will watch English movie you would not understand anything. However, don’t be upset. It is simple thinks that first time you will understand nothing, you can not catch their accent.  Since you do not understand their talk, it seems to you bothering. However, you have to continue and should not abandon.  When you keep watching English movie and go ahead with your daily lesson then after few days or week, you realize that you understand many things.

If you can finish 500 films consistently regular basis, then you can believe where you will reach. Moreover, this is the practical ways to learn English. Where you learn it unconsciously as like as you had learned your mother language.

    Listening music

I like listening music a lot. Do you like hearing songs? If you like the song, then you could use this additional system to learn English.  Yes, I do this. Learning English from listening song is a funny way, and I enjoy it. Moreover, today I will tell you how you could learn English from listening songs.

So if you want to learn speaking English then leave all the music you listen but English song. Collect a lot of English song that you like. Moreover, in this learning period, you would hear only English Song.

Now go to Google and search for lyrics of the song that you are hearing. Just type song title + lyric. Example: sorry by Justin briber lyric.

When search results come out, then seek for or and open on of then, and you will get the lyrics of your desire English song. Now listen to the song and follow the lyrics. When you take a look over the lyric then you could understand the accent of the singer.

In this way, you could improve your accent and the ability to figure out of other speak. Especially your listening skill improves incredibly.

In the lyrics, you will get some new word that increases your vocabulary. Also, could learn some structure of the sentence.

So if you listen to music then must English song(through your learning time).

    Use Dictionary on your Mobile Phone

A cell phone is an essential device that We end up using in our daily life. Live without a phone is a tremendous thing right now and the tendency of using Phone are increasing day by day with the functionality of it. We use the phone for an audio call, video call, listening music, watching videos, playing the game, browsing the internet, taking selfy, reading books and so many things. So when you are a learner of English-speaking, then you need to install some apps of learning English. You must install two dictionary apps on your phone. One for English to your mother language and other for your mother language to English.

For example: if you are from Bangladesh then use “Bangla to English Dictionary” to know the English word for something and use “Bangla to English Dictionary” to understand the meaning of English word.

Alternatively, you can use one app that will support for both functionalities like me.


I use this dictionary apps, and it works for both dictionaries “Bangla to English” and “English to Bangla.”


I like to use the dictionary on my phone to get instant help every time I need to know either the English word for something or the meaning of some English word.


Phone dictionary gives you immediate support anytime anywhere. Because phone stay with us often 24hours.


    There is no way to be perfect but practice


Practice make perfect.  It is forever true. More practice you do more you be perfect you. Try to practice speaking English every time everywhere.  Now and then when I am alone,  I practice speaking in English.  I try to describe all things around me in English. Moreover, I do it silently. In a practice season, I talked to myself. I would try to make a conversation with someone that is nothing but amazing.  If you would like then, you can do this. If you are uneasy to practice in front of people, then do it with your imagination when you are alone.


Every sentence you use in your daily life, try to tell in English in your mind. Moreover, every time I do this. Suppose before 5 minutes ago you have talked to your friend. Now try to tell those sentence in English that became between you and your friend.


Suppose, you are walking on the way; suddenly you saw something and try to translate it in English, but for a single word you cannot complete the sentence.  Because you do not know English word of it.  Now search for it in your phone dictionary. When you memorize a word in this way, then you will not forget it quickly.


Finally, this is the 5 tips that I use to learn speaking English without grammar that you can try for yourself.

How to be Success in Online Marketing? Two Secret Rule To Achieve The Goal.

Here is the Two secret Key of How to be Success in Online Marketing that I have got instead of 5 years and lots of money.


You are trying hard and doing many struggles On Online Marketing, but you are not getting success. Probably you have tried hundreds of strategies. You have watched thousands of tutorial videos even paid. Perhaps you have spent lots of money to buy tutorials and software. However, at the end you are still there, where is no success.

Probably you have learned great tips and tricks. You know more than other but could not add up anything but frustration in your profit sheet. Moreover, now you are disappointed right now.


You are pretty interested in online marketing and want to build a bright future in online marketing. You have started or want to start than this article for you.


Here in this article, I am going to share two Key to get success in online marketing. Not exactly online marketing, everywhere you want to get success in life this is the viral ways to go. This is a secret way. I am telling this is secret because the cruelty of reality covers it. Not only me, but every successful people will also acknowledge this. To invent this, you have to go deeper and deeper into fact.


I have spent over five years in online marketing without any success. Those days were a terrifying experience for me. I just ran after the success but did not get it. Because I did not can to realize the truth. I was running for tips and tricks but could not find out the way, the key to getting success. Through the time, I have walked on the wrong way.


I had to spend lots of money and so many times To get this ways. It had batter that I understand. Moreover, I am going to shear it with you that you could save time and money from wasting in wrong ways. It is not for all of the people, its for only them who will take it seriously. Because everybody can not sign in life.


It is a disclaimer for you. If you have no goal or a vivid dream something like quite impossible or don’t like to strive to get some things batter, then get away. Because, this is not a story for a looser or a phobic who scare to dream, who has no goal and who need not any success. However, if you do not scare to watch many dreams and the sky is your limit. Do You want to achieve thousands of goal? Are you ready to struggle to get success? Then you are welcome.


Having a beautiful dream is a matter of brave. You need to have a big bosom for watching precious dream. Everybody cannot do this. It is not a work of average people. Because success does not come quickly, to bring success, need to work hard. Everyone knows it. However, Is only heard work enough to achieve the goal?

Online Marketing is a billion dollar industry. Thousands of people are making a million dollar from online marketing. So it is entirely possible some guys like you and me will weave their dream of million dollars in this industry. It is natural, and there is no guilty. But the problem is how?

Jut walk through the ways below. To be a success, two rule you need to follow. I do not know how much you could abide by the rules? Remember your success wold depend on this two legs. More strength you have in your legs, you could run more first

As a percentage, if you follow the rules 50% then you will get 50% output. If you follow 100%, then get 100% output.

you may realize this as like as I got but you have spent huge time and money for that. I don’t know how much I would be able to make understand you. Because I don’t know how to present something welly. but I will try my best.

Two Key For “How to be success in online marketing or in Life?”



    If you want to go first, then run through the long track

If you want to go first, then run through the long track.

Suppose, you are a runner and want to Run in an event to be Champion, so you have to cross every runner, Which are your competitor.if you could take over your all opponent then you will be a champion. You have to run faster than other if you want to do this. Isn’t it?


Let me draw the same situation in online marketing. You are a marketer that means runner. You have to market that mean run, and your event is Online. Here your goal is making money and strategies are the runways. Now you have to run firster that means you have to massive marketing that you can chase your competitor. If you could use viral marketing, then you would make money and be a success. Isn’t it?

When your goal is cover the track, then your success independent in your speed. As quick you will cover the track as quick you will get success. So if you want immediate success, then you have to pick up your speed. But how to boost up your speed?

Exactly how could you run faster than other? How to run first? How to crossed the line before your competitor? Moreover, this is the fact.

If you want to pick up your speed to get success quickly, then you need a master tricks. Such tricks that would increase your speed to achieve your goal in a short time ever. And this is the tricks “Run through the long track to reach first.”


When you are an online marketer then you achievement is making money. So more money you can earn in short time more you success.

If you want to get quick success in life, then use the longest method you know. Whatever is it, Does not matter at all. It could be any success. Of course, success is a comparative thing. That depends on the individual.

What is the Accurately meaning of “run through the long track” or “use the longest method”? The answer is void the shortcut. Yes, you have to give up the shortcut and easy ways. That is why success is not such as easy things. Instantly you may go first using the shortcut, but at the end, you will be a loser.

You should get away from all the shortcut ways. Don’t try to use tricks, try to use the natural system as much as possible. Reduce following easy and short cut for the best output.

Do not finishe our job with the rush. Take as much time as possible for smoothly done the job.

You might look. People use autopilot software or plugin to get their web content. Use generator to generate an article. Use traffic booster software to increase review. Using that kind of tricks instantly the get higher of the volume. But, a few days later get back at dregs.

You do not think that I am telling you not to use any software or update product but carefully. Use only that item those are essential and helpful and 100% league. Either you have to feel in the same gap again and again.

Even though following the long methods is hard and time full, you have to do. You must have to work hard. There is no easy way to be a success in the world.


Of course, Someone could achieve their goal using the shortcut, but their success won’t be rewarding.

So try to come with the main road without using bypass for quick reach.

Why should not use Shortcut?

Most of the time shortcut way violet the rule. If you violate the law, then you would be void. Example::

if you use 1, shortcut then your probability to get the penalty is 10%.

If you use two shortcuts then ….. Probability is 20%

And it will increase 1 = 10#

No this is your choose how much chance you will give to get the penalty. Where smart people wish 0%.


Now you could say if the shortcut does not the rule, then I will ask you, Could you give 100% guaranty? If you can give then, you may do otherwise not.


However, now I am getting start with other tips…


    Get down your speed for the best output


I hope there is nobody who doesn’t know the story about “tortoise and hare.” Even though we know that tortoise the conqueror, we tend to follow rabbit. I don’t know why but I know that if you could be the Tortoise, then you will be the success otherwise you have to be disappointed.

The second secret way to achieve the goal is down your speed as much as possible. Spacely in a long event.

This could explore negative impact in you first but after finish this article you have to acknowledge the true. Also, you will get down your speed.

Why should you down your speed?

The answer to the question is simple. You have to be tortoise to achieve the goal that’s why tortoise was the winner. I can not give you typical example more than it.

If you think in deep, then you also realize this that tortoise was the winner for her slow speed. You may react and say hey Mahfuz! The tortoise was the winner for hard work, not for his slow speed. Then I tell if tortoise’s speed was not slow then he could not hard work as he did. If he went fast, then he had to take rest as like as Hare. When your target is long far away, then you can’t achieve this with high speed. Because you are not a machine like a rocket.


Let me show you an another example. Suppose A and B two runner.

A is a runner of 100 meters. He runs first and finishes the track within a couple of seconds.


But B is a runner of the Marathon. That means he has to run miles after miles. Now if he runs first as like as A then could he finish the track? Not at all, and the reason is simple. Because his track is so long. If B wants to finish his track without any break, then he has to move slow from the beginning.



When you want to success in Online marketing or in life, then you must have to run slow. Otherwise, you can not be the success that’s why neither online marketing nor life is short.


You have worked hard day after day, month after month, year after year. So if you do not get down your speed, then you can not let cross it.


How to Make Your Own Website That Makes Money

In this article, you are going to Learn How to Make Your Own Website for Blogging That Makes Money successfully.  Of course, having a blog is an ace, and I think every people should have a blog if they want to earn online money.

A few days ago, making a website was quite difficult, and the only web developer could do that. So having a website was too much expensive. Thatswhy to make a website you had to hire a web developer. However, now making a website is an easy matter.  Now you need not be a web developer to make a website. Even though you do not know a single code of HTML, you could make a website. It is is an advantage of WordPress. Making a website with WordPress is a kiddy thing. Anyone can do this like you and me. It does not matter at all that you have not any idea about web building.

WordPress is a content management system, a blog software. With WordPress, you can build not only blog site. Also, you can Create a portfolio, Ecommerce Store, Business site, brand site, product review. Lietarelli mean any kind of website you can build with WordPress.

In this article, I will discuss every step part by part, until you make your site without other help. To do this, Neither you need to try another tutorial nor have to go to anybody. You will be capable of making your own Website without any risk any dispute.

Before getting the start, I want to open a secret to you to make an awareness for you. I would like to tell you that, never buy a new web site from any person or third parties like a webmaster or a person, who deals website. Even Nighter your domain URL nor hosting. You should not do it ever if you dislike getting lose. Because there are many secrets in a hosting package that you do not know. So you have to pay more than the market price, and you could not understand that.

Not only that, if you buy a website from a third parson then you could not be the real owner of the site. Even though you are the admin of the website, you could not claim ownership of the site ever.  That means you have no control over the site. Without the person, you can not make any change of admin panel. Even you have to go back to the person to renew your domain. I hope you do not like this dependency.

Suppose!  Your site is getting rank, and it is still growing. Your site has got a worth add up to $50,000. In this circumstance, it is entirely possible that your person will cheat to your for money. He can remove your access from the site or can sell the website to other. Probably it will not happen but possible and if it happens then, you can do nothing, but regret. That is why it is going on with lots of people. I think, you should not give any chance so be care full.

Step by step guides on How to Make  Your Own Website or Blog that would make money successfully.

There are many prepare work you should be done before moving forward to make your own website. For example selecting your Niche or Keyword or Blog Topics.  Before getting the start, you must have a castle clear Idea on some important things. Example…

Why do you want to make a website?

What is your Niche or Blog topics?

What is your targeted Keyword?

Which are your audience?

What is the worth you are going to give your audience?

How do you convince your traffic?

Moreover, finally, How do you Make Money From your Web site? (What is Your Gole?)

I hope you have a straight answer to all these questions above because having those answers are crucial to removing your confusion. However, if you did not do the job, then you can check out my previous post that was about How to select a Niche.  If you have done your preparation almost then, follow the step below.

    How to Choose a Domain Name for your website or blog.

Selecting a Domain name is an advantage. Domain name  (URL) or Web address is a unique thing. That would be the address of your website. Choosing a domain name is not such an easy thing so do not hurry. You have to consider some critical issue. As like as…

  • Include your primary keywords in your Domain Name.
  • Domain Name should be related to your topics.
  • Your Domain Name’s sound should be smooth that people can pronounce easily.
  • Moreover, the name should be meaningful.

It is a little bit tricky to match your domain name with your primary keyword, so you have to add something with your keyword. You could use some tools to search out possible domain name or URL in your keywords by use or Those tools not only search available name also suggest you bulk domain name. Though single one is sufficient,  I have shared two tools. You can use any one of them or both to select your website address.  Just go to the site and type your keyword in the search box and search. Within few moment you will get all the available URL in your keyword. Now just select one of the themes but do not forget to consider your issue.

Now you have to buy your domain name or URL from domain provider. Yes, we must buy our domain and host from directly hosting provider. Of course, we consider most reputed one for battery output. However here you are not going to buy a Domain name. You just select your domain name in this step. After selecting your Domain URL, we jump to next step that is the most important matter over the guide. It is WebHosting.

    How To Buy a hosting package to host your website/ domain.

There are huge hosting companies available in the market.  You can buy your hosting from any reputed company like GoDaddy, Bluehost or Hostgator.  However, I will recommend you to use IPage web hosting that I am using for this website. IPage has an offer for a new customer. Where you will get an Unlimited Shared Hosting package for only $1.99 monthly cost, not only that you will get a free domain for one year also. If you want, then you can grab the hosting offer for three years. However, this offer is available for an only first transaction you made. So if you can, then buy for three years. Moreover, after this time you have to pay regular prize that is Regularly $11.95/mo and domain cost will be 15$ per years.

If you want to parses your hosting in IPage then use This IPage hosting Link and follow the step. It is simple process first step select your Free Domain name then give your information then select your plan and chek out the payment using your MasterCard or PayPal.

Note:: If you have no Master Card or Credit Cart then you can get your Marter Card or Credit Card from You can use this cart for online shopping or receive online payment.

    How To Host your website on IPage.

After completing the billing proses, IPage gives you a user Panel. From this user panel, you can control your Domain and Hosting. (Remember If you buy your hosting from elsewhere like Godaddy or Bluehost then I could not help you because I have no idea about their control panel or User Pannel OR-Dashboard. That is why I did not use any hosting service of them without IPage.) your control Pannel would look like this.


Now scroll down the page, in the Right sidebar, you will find a System Settings widgets. Here you will get your hosting information like your Website IP, Your Nameservers, Path to FTP, Webmail URL, Control Panel URL and more. Also, you would be able to view the scale of your use of Disk Space and Bandwidth as a percentage.

To host your website, first you have to setup up your  Name server(hosting) to your Domain, and you can do this from DomainCentral. To go to your DomainCentral panel click on “Edit Domains” option from Shortcuts widgets of the Right sidebar. Rather you can use “DomainCentral” option from your Control Panel to get your domain setting. Here you will get your domain as a list item. Now click on your domain name, and you would get the feature of your domain configuration.


Right now you are on “Overview” tab, now click on NameSarver Tab to update your name server and select “Use default name servers “ option then click on “Save” to save your update. (although it is a default setting of NameSarver, I just do it to introduce you with nameserver.)  Get back to control panel.


Now you have to install WordPress to complete your website hosting.

WordPress is a blog software. We use WordPress because it is free and user-friendly.

    How to Install WordPress

Installing WordPress in your iPage hosting is easy. Within few clicks, you can install your WordPress. To install your WordPress,  you may click on “WordPress Icon” or “My Install” Option from your control panel in “Website” area. When you click any one of them, then you will be redirected to mojo marketplace’s control panel. Don’t be afraid. Here you will get “install new script” button just bellow of the header.  Click on the “install new script” button and choose WordPress among the  Websites Applications software.


Now Click on the ‘install‘ button then select your Domain which inside you want to install your WordPress. Leave blank the Directory box so that WordPress being install in the root folder and click on “check Domain.”


Now click on “show advanced option” and fill up the form then click on “Install Now” Button.

WP install Form

Hang a moment while your WordPress install is underway!

When you get the message “your install is complete” then click on “my install” menu from the top menu bar. If you get one WordPress item with your Domain URL, then you have done the job.


Your web hosting has done, and it is by you. Now tell me, How are you feeling?

I hope you have no ward to share your feeling.

Whatever! Now click on “Admin Login” button, and you will be redirected on “” then use your ID and Password (that you have used in installation poses) to log in. After Log-in you are in your WordPress Dashboard.

Your website has published on the Web. So let’s go to your site to check out. What are you watching there? Is your site showing “Website is coming soon” message? like this…..


Do not worry! Everything is all right. Your site is showing “coming soon” message because you have not customized your site yet. So get back to your dashboard to customize your blog/website.


First of all, we set up or install a Blog theme on your site. So your next step.

    How to Install a theme on WordPress

If this time is the first time that you are using WordPress, then you can feel a little bit scary. It is an ordinary thing Even I had to face the situation when I was a novice like you. Everything will be easy some time later. Ok? So let’s start to install your Blog Theme.

Hover you mouse on “Appearance” menu from the left sidebar and a drop down menu will appear then click on “Themes .“


Here you will get some default theme of WordPress. However, we want to select a good looking theme for your website. If you choose a flashier theme, that will twinkle your reader’s eyes then it would be a good impact for you.  From top side, click on “Add new” button, and you will get a minor of the theme. All of the themes are free.  Themes have put in order in 4 categories “Featured” “Popular” “Latest” and “Favorites” to make your search easy. Either you can use “Feature Filter” to filter theme feature as you like.  Ok, lets we seek out your Theme using Feature Filter. Just click on it, and you will get three objects to filter your Theme.

First column:  From “Layout” check “Grid Layout” and “Left Sidebar.”

Second column: From “Features” check “Custom Header” and “Full-Width Template.”

Third Column: from “Subject” check “Blog.”



Finally, click on”Apply filter” button, and you will get lots of theme with those criteria.

If you click on an item, then it will view a live demo with a popup window. Just click on “Install” switch to install the theme and when the installation is complete then click on “active button.” You have done the job perfectly. Furthermore, reload your website to check out. Now your site is coming out with the theme you installed few moment ago.

Now we will customize your them.

How to Customize your WordPress Theme.

 To customize your theme hover your mouse pointer on “Appearance” menu from the left sidebar and click on “Customize.”  Here you could customize your WordPress theme, and your change will be shown in the live preview.


To setup your Blog Name or Title Click on “Site Identity” from the left sidebar and put your Blog Name in The Site Title. If you want then can add a tagline, but I did not use it. Don’t forget to press “Save & Publish” button.  Now click on ‘<’ to get back or exit from site identity. Here you might use “menu” option to create your blog menu item latter,  now skip this.

Theme Customize

To Optimize your sidebar, Click on “Widget” then “Add a Widget” and choose your sidebar one by one. After then save and get exit from “customizing.”

Now you have to optimize your blog for Search Engine so that your blog gets search traffic. SEO (Search Engin Optimization) is a vital thing for every website. Search engine optimization is a billion dollar segment.

SEO is the method of improving your blog found in search engines like Google for certain keyword phrases.

If you are innovative to SEO, then the job might seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, WordPress can make it incredibly effortless to optimize the complicated issues of your website. Virtually all your SEO adventures could make appealing content for real traffic.

WordPress can help you to optimize your own website for SEO. With WordPress,  you can optimize your site for search engine effortlessly.  If you want to take this opportunity, then you have to install an SEO plugin.

So next step you are going to learn…

    How to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO?

To optimize your own website in WordPress for SEO, you need to install an SEO plugin. I am using Yoast SEO plugin and recommend you to use this plugin for your WordPress blog SEO.

To install Yoast SEO plugin, take your mouse and hover your mouse on “Plugin” menu from the left sidebar and then snap on “Add New” menu.


In the plugin Page, use plugin search bar and search for “Yoast SEO.” when the search result come up you get it on the first item. Click on “Install Now” button, since the install is complete then click on “Activate” button.

yoast SEO plugin

Look at your left sidebar and search for a new menu “SEO.” Click on the menu to get setting access. From “dashboard” tab jump to the “Webmaster Tools” tab and click on google search console.



When Google search console comes up then, choose “HTML tag” among verification methods.  Copy the ‘Meta Tag‘ and past it into SEO plugin’s Google search console box and press “save change” to keep. Go to search console again and click “Verify”  button to check and complete your ownership verification.


In Google search console you need to submit your site’s side map. To get your sitemap URL click on “XML sitemaps” menu from the left sidebar of WordPress dashboard. Here you will get your XML sitemap URL. Copy link location of the sitemap and submits to Google search console.

Change your permalink

To change your permalink click or just hover your mouse on ‘setting‘ From the left sidebar menu and then click on ‘permalink.’ Now select ‘post name‘ format as your blog’s permalink that will create your post URL according to your blog title.Finally, press ‘save change‘ button to keep update your setting.


If you did all the job till now, then you have purses your Domain and Hosting. Moreover, then you have hosted your domain on your hosting and the install WordPress. Moreover, installed a theme and SEO plugin and then enhanced your website to get crawled and placed by search engines. That means you have done all the initial set up of your blog site to get the start. Now your are ready to publish your first post with your personal website blog that is your own property.

I am relly interested to know, How are you feeling now? Don’t be ungrateful to comment your feeling in the comment box below. Whatever, chill out! Take a deep breath, then get ready to publish your first post.

    How to make your first post on WordPress Blog.

Although I am going to show you publishing your first blog post, since you should not do it until you publish your About page, Privacy Policy page, and contact page. If you want to know more about this, then follow the article below.

First, you need to have an article. Remember your story should be as like as Fish for Cat. Whatever, let me start because think you have an article. If not then at least have a brainstorming.

To publish your first post, click or hover your mouse on ‘Posts’ menu then click on ‘add new‘ to bring your posting option.


When post form comes out, just put your headline in the title box and put your content in the content box. Now you can use content editor toolbar to decorate your content. Click on the “Toolbar Toggle” symbol to show more options to spruce up your setup heading, bold, italic, build link, add image or video. If you want to insert a picture in your post, then use ‘add media’ button.

new post

When you click on add media button, then your media library would open in a pop-up window. Select ‘upload files’ tab and click ‘select file’ to upload an image from your computer. After uploading the image click ‘insert into post’ button from the right bottom corner.


If you want to use a thumbnail or featured image in your post, then add a picture by clicking on ‘set featured image’ option.

After you have completed your article, it is important to optimize your content using Yoast plugin. Yoast has published specific settings available immediate lower of the original text area. Some initial settings are “SEO title,”“slug,” “meta description” and “focus keyword.”


Finishing these settings will produce a preview of the items your publish may be like when it exposes to Google’s internet search engine results.

You need to create an attractive and compelling title and meta description to explain your post what about.

From Yoast SEO Analysis try to get a green signal as many as possible.remember you should not stress yourself to get green signal for all the item while you are all most over 80%. Because it is enough for the best result.


Now your blog post is ready to publish. To publish your post click on ‘Publish’ button and your first post has published. That means you have made your website almost and keep posting then could make money soon…

How To Make Your Free Blog On WordPress.Com

Want to start a blog, a complete website, or perhaps a combo, Personal blog, portfolio, E-commerce Store whatever else doesn’t matter at all if it is on Are you a brand-new blogger? Don’t you know any code like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript? It does not change any fact. Even you do not know how to build a blog. WordPress is a great platform from newbies to Expert. Over 25% of the web operates on WordPress.


In this article, I am going to write down on how you could make a free blog or website on There is a con with lots of pros in that is WordPress end up show advertisement in their free blog. It was the reason I have shown at first making a Blog on BlogSpot. However, in future, you might pursue your blog, and then you would have to choose WordPress as blog software. So it is the battery that you use WordPress for your free blog that you can boost your skill or performance on WordPress customization with your blog.’s dashboard helps you to Dominate your WordPress CMS.

For example: How to set up a theme on WordPress? How to install a plugin?


Now I am going to start my step by step guide on WordPress Free Blog.

Exquisite me! I had forgotten to notice you that WordPress has two services.  One is, and another is support you to launch your blog on WP hosting(it could be free or paid) and support you WordPress CMS(content management system) to host your blog elsewhere on WordPress. gives you a blog software called WordPress, and WordPress’s themes and plugins for free. Whatever I do not want to dig more here on this Topics otherwise I will lose my focus. You just remember here I am going to talk about

    Beginner Guide to Make a Free Blog on

Signing Up on

It is your first step to sign up on to start a free blog. To get a blog access on WordPress, you need to be a member of by signing up without any cost. To start your sign up click on the link and you will be redirected on sign up form.

Recent when I am writing the content, implement a new system to register. If you click on the link above, perhaps you will be redirected to, and this page looks like this.

WordPress sing up process


Look at here in this page carefully; there is some category of website. You need to select the most related one from here according to your blog. Suppose if you want to start your blog about sports then you should choose “Sports/Recreation” catalog.

It seems that this step will not be available for a long time. Probably WordPress using this for survey purpose. it is entirely possible that you will not get the option to choose your category. So Don’t be worry.

Now you are in step two of six. In this page, you will get four feature for your blog homepage.

  1. A list of my latest posts
  2. A welcome page for my site
  3. A grid of my latest posts
  4. An online store

You could choose any of theme. However, I will recommend you to select 1 or 3 one. Just click on the feature you want to get forward.

Now you are in step three, and in this step, WordPress tell you to select a theme for your blog. Off course, you could change it later. So choose one theme from here.

Right now you are in step 4, and this is the most important part. In this part, you need to grab a URL for your Blog that you could not change ever. Your blog URL should be related to your blog including the keywords. Now type your blog URL in the search box without any space and WordPress will show you a list with available URL.

Here you will get two subdomain URL at the top of the list those are free. One of sub domain URL will be under like “” and other will be under another domain depending on your category. If your blog is about sports, then it could be like “”  just select one of them and go to below because those are for the cost.  Just select a free one you like to get next step.

most of the time people get only one free url and it is under

Now you are in step 5 and this step WordPress will show you some plane, and you have to choose one of then. Since we are going to make a free blog so, you must Pick 1st one which is free. So click on the “Select free” button to go.

Now you have reached in Step 6 of 6 where you have to Create your account. In this page, you will get a form with three option, and you have to fill each of them.

  1. First one for your Email address.
  2. Second one for your username.
  3. Moreover, 3rd one for password.

After filling the form click on the “Create my account” blue button. Now after processing the information submitted by you,  WordPress give you a message like this “Done! Thanks for waiting, we are ready for you to get started.” WP tell you to confirm your email address with another message “We have sent a message to Please use this time to confirm your email address” Now click on the “continue” button.

Now go to you Email and check your inbox. WordPress sent an activation mail. Open the Email, and you will get a “Confirm Now” blue button. Click on the baton, and it will open a new tab. Now your are ready to make your first blog post.

How to Customize your Blogger Template and Layout

When you are going to launch your blog professionally then you might fell you need to change a little bit in you Blog. That could be little things like your title font or color otherwise, it could be background or any silly stuff, but it is a matter. This small change can touch your reader happiness. Moreover, as a blogger, it is your dream to present your content to the viewers.

The feature is more important than The Quality.

Matching your blog feature with niche is a great practice. You might see pet related site abounds in gods and cat picture. If you go any game site, then you will see they tend to use the battle image as a background on their site. That means your features need to describe your identity. Moreover, this is the best practices for your traffic attention. To do this, you must need to customize your blog, and in this tutorial, I am going to show you how you customize your blog when it is in blogger.

    Customize your Blogger Template From Top to Bottom

Get started with basics template customize your background, layout, colors, fonts and more…

First of all, Go to Your Blogger Dashboard Now Click on “Template” Option from the left sidebar and then click on “Customise.” to get your blog’s template design setting area.

template customise

In this area, you will notice your screen split into 2 part. The top end is the setting panel in which you will act, and also the bottom level is preview section which will show your action effect. Here you’ll be able to personalize five option, and you will get those on the left side of the Top part. I’ll explore all of them individually.

Templates is the first option in this area for your customized. Click template option, and there is also a handful of Templates. All of them has some similar feature. View demo face to face of each and every template and pick a qualified of for the Niche.


Hey, look at this picture. Here in this picture, I have made some marker with different colors due to your batter understands.

[padding right=”10%” left=”10%”]

The red marker is option menu.

Yellow marker is available template those you could use.

Blue marker is a different feature for every Template.

Black marker is preview option. That will show your customize effect.


So check out every template that you can pick up the perfect one.


The background is the second option, and from here you can change your background of your blog.  This feature gives you access to select or upload an image for the background.  When you click the dropdown icon, you will get many images by individual category. You can choose any of them or can upload any one from your PC.

background screen

When you click on Background Option, then you will get a little screen to select your background image. There’s a dropdown marker around the right side from the small screen. Now click this dropdown icon and a pop-up can look with a lot of image in the certain category.  Now pick a picture you like and then click “Done” button from bottom right corner.

However, if you want to upload an image from your Computer then click on “Upload Image” from top left corner of the pop-up. Here you will get “Browse” option to upload your image so Just browse your image from your computer. When your image uploads then, click on “Done” button.

Adjust width is the third option of template customize panel. Came from here you can take control of your blog’s width.  Here you can get two scales. The Big you might be employed to monitor your whole blog’ width, and also the small you will be employed to track your site widget’s width. Just slowly move the scale pointer to change your blog’s width.

The layout is the 4th and most important part of this panel. From here you could choose your blog Layout or structure specially Sidebar and footer. Where do you want to keep your sidebar left side or right side or both side? One sidebar or two sidebars or three sidebars or 4 sidebars even five. Also, you can choose your footer layouts like one footer or two footers or three footers.


Advanced is the last and most important option. It is a massive tool. Moreover, I am going to describe every single one individually.

  • Page to change pages content’s font, color, and background.
  • Links To Change Link Color, Visited Link Color, and Hover Link Color.
  • Blog Title To Change Title Font, Font Size, Title Color and Header Background.
  • Blog Description To Change Blog’s Text Font, Font Size, Text Color.
  • Tabs Text to Change Font, font size, color, and selected color.
  • Tabs Background to change the background, select and border color.
  • Date Header to modify the color of “date” in blog meta.
  • Post Title to change blog post’s font, size & color.
  • Post Background to change the color of BG, Border, and Bavel.
  • Gadget Title to change Font, Size and Color of Gadget title.
  • Gadget Text to change Font, Size and Color of Gadget text.
  • Gadget Links to change link color visited color and hover color.
  • Gadget Background to change Gadget background, border, and bevel
  • Sidebar Background to change the color of Sidebar.
  • Images to change image BG and border color.
  • Feed to modify the color of Text Colour.
  • Feed Links to modify the link, select and hover color for the link inside feed.
  • Pager to change BG Colour of the pager.
  • Footer to change footer BG and Text Color.
  • Mobile Button Color
  • ADD CSS to add extra CSS. If you have any CSS code, you can add this Here.


So friends using those tools you can decorate your blog as your mind pleaser. Because this is very easy poses to customize your color, font, and layout. You know need to know any code like HTML, CSS to do this. Google team make it easy for you.

However, after your customization does not forget to Click on “Apply to Blog” button from the right top corner to save your customize. When your customization saving has done then, click on “Back to Blogger” to get back your blog dashboard.