How To Learn English Speaking Without Grammar

5 Tips That I Do To Learn English Speaking Without Complexity Rule of Grammar

How could you learn English Spoken without learning grammar? Learning Grammar is terrible. I heat grammar. But is it possible to learn English speaking without learning grammar? Yes definitely possible. I can talk English, although not like a native speaker, but I can. and I don’t know grammar.

I don’t know what your mother language is. You can speak in your mother language that means you know your mom’s language. But, Do you know the grammar of your mother language? Off course, you did not use grammar to learn your mom’s language. You have absorbed it subconsciously. And a native English speaker learns English without grammar and totally unconsciously.

Even though a native speaker doesn’t know grammar, he never tells He go to school. They must say “he goes to school”. Now the question is if they are not aware of the grammar then how they are adding up s or es with third parson singular number? Answer of the question is very simple. They are habituated to tell he does, he goes, he knows. They have learned it unconsciously because everybody says he does, he goes. and nobody says he do he go. Using the different rule in various type of sentence is nothing but the habit.

Do you know the grammar of your mother language properly? If you don’t know, then you must make a lot of mistakes while you are speaking to other. Aren’t you?  Yes, know body makes a mistake to talk to other in his/her mother language. Even though we don’t know grammar, we can speak in our mother language without any error.  If, this is true, then why don’t we apply this to learn another language?

Whatever, it seems to me that, we can learn another language without grammar as like as our mother language.  And we must do well in this ways. If you want to get to speak English really. actually, if you want to talk in English, then you can do it without learning grammar. And today I am going to tell you about my 5 practice that I do to learn English spoken.

Five tips to learn English spoken without learning grammar are nothing but 5 practices that i use in daily basis. You no need to study sentence, tense, voice, narration, or any other rule of grammar.  that’s why you are not going to be an English professor.

So, if you want to learn English for conversation or communicate with foreign people, then forget about learning grammar. and start this five practice below that I do.

    Learn English from Online

when you are interested in learning English speaking, then the internet is the great place, from where you can learn English. Not only English you can learn anything on online. Moreover, It is such an easy way to learn. Just find out your source to learn through the internet. You will get thousand of source website.  Just pick one of the sources and starts to learn your desire things.

However, when you are willing to learn English, then I will recommend you www.engvid.com. It is an excellent source of learning English. Whether you are a beginner, halfway, or a right speaker, it does not matter at all. You must get something from here to enhance your knowledge.

Why should you go to EngVid.com to learn English Speaking? It is a big issue. There is much reason

  • You need a guideline, and EngVid will guide you.
  • EngVid shows you, your next step thatYou can learn step by step,
  • You need to justify yourself and Engvid have quiz option to verify yourself for every lesson.
  • The accent of Engvid teacher is crystal clear that you can easily understand.
  • From here you can boost your Speaking, writing and hearing skill.
  • It is a great source for Vocabulary, Slang, phrase, grammar.
  • Moreover, the biggest part is you can improve your speaking capability with entertainment.


Just start you learning season with EngVid.com and continue regularly. I am sure within six months you would be able to speak English fluently. So don’t waste your time by procrastination.

Hey, friends! It is a greet for you that, every lesson of EngVid.com you will get on youtube. Just go to youtube search bar and type your teacher name to get all videos tutorial of the teacher.


YouTube is a great source for videos. Not only for watching Movie, Drama, Song also you can learn English spoken on youtube. There is a thousand of videos are available on youtube. On youtube, you can learn English with Niharika, Ronnie, Rachna, Adam and they are my favorite teacher.  You need just follow one lesson in a day.

So go to Youtube and search for your video with the name of the teacher and keep watching. When you complete one lesson, then go to EngVid.com and participate in the quiz.


    Watching Movie

Hey, Friends! I like Watching Movie. Do you like watching Movie? We end up watching the movie to spend our free time.  It is a greet entertainment, But you can turn it to learn English. When you are going to look at a movie, then try to watch only  English movie. Because it will help you increase your English skill. By Watching English movie, you can improve your both power hearing and speak.

It is possible the first time you will watch English movie you would not understand anything. However, don’t be upset. It is simple thinks that first time you will understand nothing, you can not catch their accent.  Since you do not understand their talk, it seems to you bothering. However, you have to continue and should not abandon.  When you keep watching English movie and go ahead with your daily lesson then after few days or week, you realize that you understand many things.

If you can finish 500 films consistently regular basis, then you can believe where you will reach. Moreover, this is the practical ways to learn English. Where you learn it unconsciously as like as you had learned your mother language.

    Listening music

I like listening music a lot. Do you like hearing songs? If you like the song, then you could use this additional system to learn English.  Yes, I do this. Learning English from listening song is a funny way, and I enjoy it. Moreover, today I will tell you how you could learn English from listening songs.

So if you want to learn speaking English then leave all the music you listen but English song. Collect a lot of English song that you like. Moreover, in this learning period, you would hear only English Song.

Now go to Google and search for lyrics of the song that you are hearing. Just type song title + lyric. Example: sorry by Justin briber lyric.

When search results come out, then seek for azlyrics.com or mettrolyrics.com and open on of then, and you will get the lyrics of your desire English song. Now listen to the song and follow the lyrics. When you take a look over the lyric then you could understand the accent of the singer.

In this way, you could improve your accent and the ability to figure out of other speak. Especially your listening skill improves incredibly.

In the lyrics, you will get some new word that increases your vocabulary. Also, could learn some structure of the sentence.

So if you listen to music then must English song(through your learning time).

    Use Dictionary on your Mobile Phone

A cell phone is an essential device that We end up using in our daily life. Live without a phone is a tremendous thing right now and the tendency of using Phone are increasing day by day with the functionality of it. We use the phone for an audio call, video call, listening music, watching videos, playing the game, browsing the internet, taking selfy, reading books and so many things. So when you are a learner of English-speaking, then you need to install some apps of learning English. You must install two dictionary apps on your phone. One for English to your mother language and other for your mother language to English.

For example: if you are from Bangladesh then use Bangla to English Dictionary” to know the English word for something and use “Bangla to English Dictionary” to understand the meaning of English word.

Alternatively, you can use one app that will support for both functionalities like me.


I use this dictionary apps, and it works for both dictionaries Bangla to English and English to Bangla.


I like to use the dictionary on my phone to get instant help every time I need to know either the English word for something or the meaning of some English word.


Phone dictionary gives you immediate support anytime anywhere. Because phone stay with us often 24hours.


    There is no way to be perfect but practice


Practice make perfect.  It is forever true. More practice you do more you be perfect you. Try to practice speaking English every time everywhere.  Now and then when I am alone,  I practice speaking in English.  I try to describe all things around me in English. Moreover, I do it silently. In a practice season, I talked to myself. I would try to make a conversation with someone that is nothing but amazing.  If you would like then, you can do this. If you are uneasy to practice in front of people, then do it with your imagination when you are alone.


Every sentence you use in your daily life, try to tell in English in your mind. Moreover, every time I do this. Suppose before 5 minutes ago you have talked to your friend. Now try to tell those sentence in English that became between you and your friend.


Suppose, you are walking on the way; suddenly you saw something and try to translate it in English, but for a single word you cannot complete the sentence.  Because you do not know English word of it.  Now search for it in your phone dictionary. When you memorize a word in this way, then you will not forget it quickly.


Finally, this is the 5 tips that I use to learn speaking English without grammar that you can try for yourself.

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