Customize your Blogger Template

How to Customize your Blogger Template and Layout

When you are going to launch your blog professionally then you might fell you need to change a little bit in you Blog. That could be little things like your title font or color otherwise, it could be background or any silly stuff, but it is a matter. This small change can touch your reader happiness. Moreover, as a blogger, it is your dream to present your content to the viewers.

The feature is more important than The Quality.

Matching your blog feature with niche is a great practice. You might see pet related site abounds in gods and cat picture. If you go any game site, then you will see they tend to use the battle image as a background on their site. That means your features need to describe your identity. Moreover, this is the best practices for your traffic attention. To do this, you must need to customize your blog, and in this tutorial, I am going to show you how you customize your blog when it is in blogger.

    Customize your Blogger Template From Top to Bottom

Get started with basics template customize your background, layout, colors, fonts and more…

First of all, Go to Your Blogger Dashboard Now Click on Template Option from the left sidebar and then click on Customise. to get your blogs template design setting area.

template customise

In this area, you will notice your screen split into 2 part. The top end is the setting panel in which you will act, and also the bottom level is preview section which will show your action effect. Here you’ll be able to personalize five option, and you will get those on the left side of the Top part. I’ll explore all of them individually.

Templates is the first option in this area for your customized. Click template option, and there is also a handful of Templates. All of them has some similar feature. View demo face to face of each and every template and pick a qualified of for the Niche.


Hey, look at this picture. Here in this picture, I have made some marker with different colors due to your batter understands.

[padding right=”10%” left=”10%”]

The red marker is option menu.

Yellow marker is available template those you could use.

Blue marker is a different feature for every Template.

Black marker is preview option. That will show your customize effect.


So check out every template that you can pick up the perfect one.


The background is the second option, and from here you can change your background of your blog.  This feature gives you access to select or upload an image for the background.  When you click the dropdown icon, you will get many images by individual category. You can choose any of them or can upload any one from your PC.

background screen

When you click on Background Option, then you will get a little screen to select your background image. There’s a dropdown marker around the right side from the small screen. Now click this dropdown icon and a pop-up can look with a lot of image in the certain category.  Now pick a picture you like and then click Done button from bottom right corner.

However, if you want to upload an image from your Computer then click on Upload Image from top left corner of the pop-up. Here you will get Browse option to upload your image so Just browse your image from your computer. When your image uploads then, click on Done button.

Adjust width is the third option of template customize panel. Came from here you can take control of your blogs width.  Here you can get two scales. The Big you might be employed to monitor your whole blog width, and also the small you will be employed to track your site widgets width. Just slowly move the scale pointer to change your blogs width.

The layout is the 4th and most important part of this panel. From here you could choose your blog Layout or structure specially Sidebar and footer. Where do you want to keep your sidebar left side or right side or both side? One sidebar or two sidebars or three sidebars or 4 sidebars even five. Also, you can choose your footer layouts like one footer or two footers or three footers.


Advanced is the last and most important option. It is a massive tool. Moreover, I am going to describe every single one individually.

  • Page to change pages contents font, color, and background.
  • Links To Change Link Color, Visited Link Color, and Hover Link Color.
  • Blog Title To Change Title Font, Font Size, Title Color and Header Background.
  • Blog Description To Change Blogs Text Font, Font Size, Text Color.
  • Tabs Text to Change Font, font size, color, and selected color.
  • Tabs Background to change the background, select and border color.
  • Date Header to modify the color of date in blog meta.
  • Post Title to change blog posts font, size & color.
  • Post Background to change the color of BG, Border, and Bavel.
  • Gadget Title to change Font, Size and Color of Gadget title.
  • Gadget Text to change Font, Size and Color of Gadget text.
  • Gadget Links to change link color visited color and hover color.
  • Gadget Background to change Gadget background, border, and bevel
  • Sidebar Background to change the color of Sidebar.
  • Images to change image BG and border color.
  • Feed to modify the color of Text Colour.
  • Feed Links to modify the link, select and hover color for the link inside feed.
  • Pager to change BG Colour of the pager.
  • Footer to change footer BG and Text Color.
  • Mobile Button Color
  • ADD CSS to add extra CSS. If you have any CSS code, you can add this Here.


So friends using those tools you can decorate your blog as your mind pleaser. Because this is very easy poses to customize your color, font, and layout. You know need to know any code like HTML, CSS to do this. Google team make it easy for you.

However, after your customization does not forget to Click on Apply to Blog button from the right top corner to save your customize. When your customization saving has done then, click on Back to Blogger to get back your blog dashboard.

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