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How To Edit or Customize Your Blog Sidebar on BlogSpot

The sidebar is the symbol of creativity of a blogger. It carries your Blog worth. Sidebar helps you to improve the intention of visibility of your blog to the viewer. So it is crucial you customize your sidebar as well as possible. You may use some graphics or video or anything you want to make it more professional more neatness.

When you are a blogger, then you need to customize your sidebar for monetizing your add or generating a lead or expressing your blog manner or promote an offer. You can intervene all posts and pages in your blog from one place that is a sidebar. If you put something in your sidebar then will scatter through your blog and show in every single page or post.

For Example: if you put your add in Sidebar then it will show everywhere in your blog without putting your advertisement code on every single page or post individually. That is great.

As a Blogger of Blogspot, You would be surprised when you would know that Google Teem works heard to help you that you can explore yourself in more batter way. That is why they have made a lot of Gadget those you can use in your blog sidebar to get a professional feature.

So in this tutorial, I am going to disclose to you, about

    How to Customize your Blog sidebar in Blogger

Remember I am just going to show you how could you do that but I am not going to decorate your blog. It is your work. It is your responsibility and creativity that you furnish your blog sidebar. I could nothing but guide you only. Let me show you

Go to your blogger dashboard and click on the Layout option from the left sidebar. Now your blog design has appeared. and you can edit any segment of your blog individually as you need just clicking on the edit.

BlogSpot layout

Now from sidebar area, you can modify or customize your blog sidebar.

If you want to add something to your sidebar, then click on Add a Gadget into sidebar area.

Blogger Sidebar

Now a pop-up window will come up with the sidebar Gadget. Frome here you can choose any Gadget you like. There are lots of gadget available for individual work. You need to pick one of them according to your necessity.

For Example:

AdSense AdSense Add
Earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on your blog.
By Blogger
Featured post Featured post Add
Highlight a particular post on your blog.
By Blogger
Blog search Blog search Add
Let visitors search your blog.
By Blogger
HTML/JavaScript HTML/JavaScript Add
Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
By Blogger
Profile Profile Add
Display information about yourself to your visitors.
By Blogger
Blog Archive Blog Archive Add
Make it easy for visitors to navigate your blog with links to older posts.
By Blogger
Page Header Page Header Add
Display your blog’s title and description.
By Blogger
Image Image Add
Add a picture from your computer, or from somewhere else on the web.
By Blogger
Labels Labels Add
Show all the names of posts in your blog.
By Blogger
Pages Pages Add
Display a list of stand-alone pages on your blog.
By Blogger
Link List Link List Add
Display a collection of your favorite sites, blogs or web pages for your visitors.
By Blogger
Text Text Add
Add a text message to your blog.
By Blogger
Popular Posts Popular Posts Add
Display a list of the most popular posts from your blog.
By Blogger
Blog's stats Blog’s Stats Add
Display the number of page views to your blog.
By Blogger
Video Bar Video Bar Add
Display YouTube clips for your readers to watch without leaving the page.
By Blogger
Blog List Blog List Add
Show off what you read with a blogroll of your favorite blogs.
By Blogger
Follow by Email Follow by Email Add
Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to email delivery when you publish a post.
By Blogger
Feed Feed Add
Add content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.
By Blogger
Logo Logo Add
Show your Blogger pride by adding a logo to your page.
By Blogger
Poll Poll Add
Survey your visitors by adding a poll to your blog.
By Blogger
Subscription Links Subscription Links Add
Let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed readers
By Blogger
+1 Button +1 Button Add
Let visitors quickly recommend your brand and your content.
By Blogger
Translate Translate Add
Let visitors translate your blog into different languages.
By Blogger
List List Add
Add a list of your favorite books, films or anything you like.
By Blogger
Google+ Followers Google+ Followers Add
Highlight your whole Google+ audience (both its size and some friendly faces) and offer visitors the chance to follow you on Google+.
By Blogger
Google+ Badge Google+ Badge Add
Tell your visitors that you’re on Google+ and let them follow you with a single click.
By Blogger

Already added
Display your blog’s attribution data.
By Blogger

This is not End whereas Over seven hundreds of Gadget are available in BlogSpot. Just select on More Gadget option from the top of the left sidebar and the Gadget mine will be open.

Whatever, now I will show you how to add or remove a Gadget from your sidebar.

First of all, I am going to remove a Gadget from my sidebar that was a blog stat. Now I will remove it from my sidebar and add a new one instead of it.

Just click on “Edit” option from the right bottom of Gadget.


Now pop-up windows will come out with Gadget Configuration then just click on “remove” from the bottom of the new window.

The Gadget has removed from the sidebar.

To add a sidebar follow the same way. First, click on “Add a Gadget” when the pop-up window will come out with gadget option then click on “Plusicon of the Gadget that you want to add. Now Gadget configuration page will appear and click on “save” button at the bottom of Gadget window. Your new sidebar has added to your blog sidebar.

If you have any doubt yet then, you should watch out This video.

So, friends, I hope now you know that how to edit or customize your sidebar in blogger. I will come back with your next turn till then you keep building your blog with compelling content and of course sidebar. By.

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