How To Make Your Free Blog On WordPress.Com

How To Make Your Free Blog On WordPress.Com

Want to start a blog, a complete website, or perhaps a combo, Personal blog, portfolio, E-commerce Store whatever else doesn’t matter at all if it is on Are you a brand-new blogger? Don’t you know any code like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript? It does not change any fact. Even you do not know how to build a blog. WordPress is a great platform from newbies to Expert. Over 25% of the web operates on WordPress.


In this article, I am going to write down on how you could make a free blog or website on There is a con with lots of pros in that is WordPress end up show advertisement in their free blog. It was the reason I have shown at first making a Blog on BlogSpot. However, in future, you might pursue your blog, and then you would have to choose WordPress as blog software. So it is the battery that you use WordPress for your free blog that you can boost your skill or performance on WordPress customization with your blog.’s dashboard helps you to Dominate your WordPress CMS.

For example: How to set up a theme on WordPress? How to install a plugin?


Now I am going to start my step by step guide on WordPress Free Blog.

Exquisite me! I had forgotten to notice you that WordPress has two services.  One is, and another is support you to launch your blog on WP hosting(it could be free or paid) and support you WordPress CMS(content management system) to host your blog elsewhere on WordPress. gives you a blog software called WordPress, and WordPress’s themes and plugins for free. Whatever I do not want to dig more here on this Topics otherwise I will lose my focus. You just remember here I am going to talk about

    Beginner Guide to Make a Free Blog on

Signing Up on

It is your first step to sign up on to start a free blog. To get a blog access on WordPress, you need to be a member of by signing up without any cost. To start your sign up click on the link and you will be redirected on sign up form.

Recent when I am writing the content, implement a new system to register. If you click on the link above, perhaps you will be redirected to, and this page looks like this.

WordPress sing up process


Look at here in this page carefully; there is some category of website. You need to select the most related one from here according to your blog. Suppose if you want to start your blog about sports then you should choose Sports/Recreation catalog.

It seems that this step will not be available for a long time. Probably WordPress using this for survey purpose. it is entirely possible that you will not get the option to choose your category. So Don’t be worry.

Now you are in step two of six. In this page, you will get four feature for your blog homepage.

  1. A list of my latest posts
  2. A welcome page for my site
  3. A grid of my latest posts
  4. An online store

You could choose any of theme. However, I will recommend you to select 1 or 3 one. Just click on the feature you want to get forward.

Now you are in step three, and in this step, WordPress tell you to select a theme for your blog. Off course, you could change it later. So choose one theme from here.

Right now you are in step 4, and this is the most important part. In this part, you need to grab a URL for your Blog that you could not change ever. Your blog URL should be related to your blog including the keywords. Now type your blog URL in the search box without any space and WordPress will show you a list with available URL.

Here you will get two subdomain URL at the top of the list those are free. One of sub domain URL will be under like and other will be under another domain depending on your category. If your blog is about sports, then it could be like  just select one of them and go to below because those are for the cost.  Just select a free one you like to get next step.

most of the time people get only one free url and it is under

Now you are in step 5 and this step WordPress will show you some plane, and you have to choose one of then. Since we are going to make a free blog so, you must Pick 1st one which is free. So click on the Select free button to go.

Now you have reached in Step 6 of 6 where you have to Create your account. In this page, you will get a form with three option, and you have to fill each of them.

  1. First one for your Email address.
  2. Second one for your username.
  3. Moreover, 3rd one for password.

After filling the form click on the Create my account blue button. Now after processing the information submitted by you,  WordPress give you a message like this Done! Thanks for waiting, we are ready for you to get started. WP tell you to confirm your email address with another message We have sent a message to Please use this time to confirm your email address Now click on the continue button.

Now go to you Email and check your inbox. WordPress sent an activation mail. Open the Email, and you will get a Confirm Now blue button. Click on the baton, and it will open a new tab. Now your are ready to make your first blog post.

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