How to Make Your Own Website That Makes Money

In this article, you are going to Learn How to Make Your Own Website for Blogging That Makes Money successfully. Of course, having a blog is an ace, and I think every people should have a blog if they want to earn online money.

A few days ago, making a website was quite difficult, and the only web developer could do that. So having a website was too much expensive. Thatswhy to make a website you had to hire a web developer. However, now making a website is an easy matter. Now you need not be a web developer to make a website. Even though you do not know a single code of HTML, you could make a website. It is is an advantage of WordPress. Making a website with WordPress is a kiddy thing. Anyone can do this like you and me. It does not matter at all that you have not any idea about web building.

WordPress is a content management system, a blog software. With WordPress, you can build not only blog site. Also, you can Create a portfolio, Ecommerce Store, Business site, brand site, product review. Lietarelli mean any kind of website you can build with WordPress.

In this article, I will discuss every step part by part, until you make your site without other help. To do this, Neither you need to try another tutorial nor have to go to anybody. You will be capable of making your own Website without any risk any dispute.

Before getting the start, I want to open a secret to you to make an awareness for you. I would like to tell you that, never buy a new web site from any person or third parties like a webmaster or a person, who deals website. Even Nighter your domain URL nor hosting. You should not do it ever if you dislike getting lose. Because there are many secrets in a hosting package that you do not know. So you have to pay more than the market price, and you could not understand that.

Not only that, if you buy a website from a third parson then you could not be the real owner of the site. Even though you are the admin of the website, you could not claim ownership of the site ever. That means you have no control over the site. Without the person, you can not make any change of admin panel. Even you have to go back to the person to renew your domain. I hope you do not like this dependency.

Suppose! Your site is getting rank, and it is still growing. Your site has got a worth add up to $50,000. In this circumstance, it is entirely possible that your person will cheat to your for money. He can remove your access from the site or can sell the website to other. Probably it will not happen but possible and if it happens then, you can do nothing, but regret. That is why it is going on with lots of people. I think, you should not give any chance so be care full.

Step by step guides on How to Make Your Own Website or Blog that would make money successfully.

There are many prepare work you should be done before moving forward to make your own website. For example selecting your Niche or Keyword or Blog Topics. Before getting the start, you must have a castle clear Idea on some important things. Example

Why do you want to make a website?

What is your Niche or Blog topics?

What is your targeted Keyword?

Which are your audience?

What is the worth you are going to give your audience?

How do you convince your traffic?

Moreover, finally, How do you Make Money From your Web site? (What is Your Gole?)

I hope you have a straight answer to all these questions above because having those answers are crucial to removing your confusion. However, if you did not do the job, then you can check out my previous post that was about How to select a Niche. If you have done your preparation almost then, follow the step below.

    How to Choose a Domain Name for your website or blog.

Selecting a Domain name is an advantage. Domain name (URL) or Web address is a unique thing. That would be the address of your website. Choosing a domain name is not such an easy thing so do not hurry. You have to consider some critical issue. As like as

  • Include your primary keywords in your Domain Name.
  • Domain Name should be related to your topics.
  • Your Domain Name’s sound should be smooth that people can pronounce easily.
  • Moreover, the name should be meaningful.

It is a little bit tricky to match your domain name with your primary keyword, so you have to add something with your keyword. You could use some tools to search out possible domain name or URL in your keywords by use or Those tools not only search available name also suggest you bulk domain name. Though single one is sufficient, I have shared two tools. You can use any one of them or both to select your website address. Just go to the site and type your keyword in the search box and search. Within few moment you will get all the available URL in your keyword. Now just select one of the themes but do not forget to consider your issue.

Now you have to buy your domain name or URL from domain provider. Yes, we must buy our domain and host from directly hosting provider. Of course, we consider most reputed one for battery output. However here you are not going to buy a Domain name. You just select your domain name in this step. After selecting your Domain URL, we jump to next step that is the most important matter over the guide. It is WebHosting.

    How To Buy a hosting package to host your website/ domain.

There are huge hosting companies available in the market. You can buy your hosting from any reputed company like GoDaddy, Bluehost or Hostgator. However, I will recommend you to use IPage web hosting that I am using for this website. IPage has an offer for a new customer. Where you will get an Unlimited Shared Hosting package for only $1.99 monthly cost, not only that you will get a free domain for one year also. If you want, then you can grab the hosting offer for three years. However, this offer is available for an only first transaction you made. So if you can, then buy for three years. Moreover, after this time you have to pay regular prize that is Regularly $11.95/mo and domain cost will be 15$ per years.

If you want to parses your hosting in IPage then use This IPage hosting Link and follow the step. It is simple process first step select your Free Domain name then give your information then select your plan and chek out the payment using your MasterCard or PayPal.

Note:: If you have no Master Card or Credit Cart then you can get your Marter Card or Credit Card from You can use this cart for online shopping or receive online payment.

    How To Host your website on IPage.

After completing the billing proses, IPage gives you a user Panel. From this user panel, you can control your Domain and Hosting. (Remember If you buy your hosting from elsewhere like Godaddy or Bluehost then I could not help you because I have no idea about their control panel or User Pannel OR-Dashboard. That is why I did not use any hosting service of them without IPage.) your control Pannel would look like this.


Now scroll down the page, in the Right sidebar, you will find a System Settings widgets. Here you will get your hosting information like your Website IP, Your Nameservers, Path to FTP, Webmail URL, Control Panel URL and more. Also, you would be able to view the scale of your use of Disk Space and Bandwidth as a percentage.

To host your website, first you have to setup up your Name server(hosting) to your Domain, and you can do this from DomainCentral. To go to your DomainCentral panel click on Edit Domains option from Shortcuts widgets of the Right sidebar. Rather you can use DomainCentral option from your Control Panel to get your domain setting. Here you will get your domain as a list item. Now click on your domain name, and you would get the feature of your domain configuration.


Right now you are on Overview tab, now click on NameSarver Tab to update your name server and select Use default name servers option then click on Save to save your update. (although it is a default setting of NameSarver, I just do it to introduce you with nameserver.) Get back to control panel.


Now you have to install WordPress to complete your website hosting.

WordPress is a blog software. We use WordPress because it is free and user-friendly.

    How to Install WordPress

Installing WordPress in your iPage hosting is easy. Within few clicks, you can install your WordPress. To install your WordPress, you may click on WordPress Icon or My Install Option from your control panel in Website area. When you click any one of them, then you will be redirected to mojo marketplace’s control panel. Don’t be afraid. Here you will get install new script button just bellow of the header. Click on the install new script button and choose WordPress among the Websites Applications software.


Now Click on the ‘install‘ button then select your Domain which inside you want to install your WordPress. Leave blank the Directory box so that WordPress being install in the root folder and click on check Domain.


Now click on show advanced option and fill up the form then click on Install Now Button.

WP install Form

Hang a moment while your WordPress install is underway!

When you get the message your install is complete then click on my install menu from the top menu bar. If you get one WordPress item with your Domain URL, then you have done the job.


Your web hosting has done, and it is by you. Now tell me, How are you feeling?

I hope you have no ward to share your feeling.

Whatever! Now click on Admin Login button, and you will be redirected on then use your ID and Password (that you have used in installation poses) to log in. After Log-in you are in your WordPress Dashboard.

Your website has published on the Web. So let’s go to your site to check out. What are you watching there? Is your site showing Website is coming soon message? like this…..


Do not worry! Everything is all right. Your site is showing coming soon message because you have not customized your site yet. So get back to your dashboard to customize your blog/website.

First of all, we set up or install a Blog theme on your site. So your next step.

    How to Install a theme on WordPress

If this time is the first time that you are using WordPress, then you can feel a little bit scary. It is an ordinary thing Even I had to face the situation when I was a novice like you. Everything will be easy some time later. Ok? So let’s start to install your Blog Theme.

Hover you mouse on Appearance menu from the left sidebar and a drop down menu will appear then click on Themes .


Here you will get some default theme of WordPress. However, we want to select a good looking theme for your website. If you choose a flashier theme, that will twinkle your reader’s eyes then it would be a good impact for you. From top side, click on Add new button, and you will get a minor of the theme. All of the themes are free. Themes have put in order in 4 categories Featured Popular Latest and Favorites to make your search easy. Either you can use Feature Filter to filter theme feature as you like. Ok, lets we seek out your Theme using Feature Filter. Just click on it, and you will get three objects to filter your Theme.

First column: From Layout check Grid Layout and Left Sidebar.

Second column: From Features check Custom Header and Full-Width Template.

Third Column: from Subject check Blog.


Finally, click onApply filter button, and you will get lots of theme with those criteria.

If you click on an item, then it will view a live demo with a popup window. Just click on Install switch to install the theme and when the installation is complete then click on active button. You have done the job perfectly. Furthermore, reload your website to check out. Now your site is coming out with the theme you installed few moment ago.

Now we will customize your them.

How to Customize your WordPress Theme.

To customize your theme hover your mouse pointer on Appearance menu from the left sidebar and click on Customize. Here you could customize your WordPress theme, and your change will be shown in the live preview.


To setup your Blog Name or Title Click on Site Identity from the left sidebar and put your Blog Name in The Site Title. If you want then can add a tagline, but I did not use it. Don’t forget to press Save & Publish button. Now click on <‘ to get back or exit from site identity. Here you might use the menu option to create your blog menu item latter, now skip this.

Theme Customize

To Optimize your sidebar, Click on Widget then Add a Widget and choose your sidebar one by one. After then save and get exit from customizing.

Now you have to optimize your blog for Search Engine so that your blog gets search traffic. SEO (Search Engin Optimization) is a vital thing for every website. Search engine optimization is a billion dollar segment.

SEO is the method of improving your blog found in search engines like Google for certain keyword phrases.

If you are innovative to SEO, then the job might seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, WordPress can make it incredibly effortless to optimize the complicated issues of your website. Virtually all your SEO adventures could make appealing content for real traffic.

WordPress can help you to optimize your own website for SEO. With WordPress, you can optimize your site for search engine effortlessly. If you want to take this opportunity, then you have to install an SEO plugin.

So next step you are going to learn

    How to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO?

To optimize your own website in WordPress for SEO, you need to install an SEO plugin. I am using Yoast SEO plugin and recommend you to use this plugin for your WordPress blog SEO.

To install Yoast SEO plugin, take your mouse and hover your mouse on Plugin menu from the left sidebar and then snap on Add New menu.


In the plugin Page, use plugin search bar and search for Yoast SEO. when the search result comes up you get it on the first item. Click on Install Now button, since the install is complete then click on Activate button.

yoast SEO plugin

Look at your left sidebar and search for a new menu SEO. Click on the menu to get setting access. From dashboard tab jump to the Webmaster Tools tab and click on google search console.



When Google search console comes up then, choose HTML tag among verification methods. Copy the Meta Tag‘ and past it into SEO plugin’s Google search console box and press save change to keep. Go to search console again and click Verify button to check and complete your ownership verification.


In Google search console you need to submit your site’s side map. To get your sitemap URL click on XML sitemaps menu from the left sidebar of WordPress dashboard. Here you will get your XML sitemap URL. Copy link location of the sitemap and submits to Google search console.

Change your permalink

To change your permalink click or just hover your mouse on setting‘ From the left sidebar menu and then click on the permalink.’ Now select post name‘ format as your blog’s permalink that will create your post URL according to your blog title.Finally, press save change‘ button to keep update your setting.


If you did all the job till now, then you have purses your Domain and Hosting. Moreover, then you have hosted your domain on your hosting and the install WordPress. Moreover, installed a theme and SEO plugin and then enhanced your website to get crawled and placed by search engines. That means you have done all the initial set up of your blog site to get the start. Now your are ready to publish your first post with your personal website blog that is your own property.

I am relly interested to know, How are you feeling now? Don’t be ungrateful to comment your feeling in the comment box below. Whatever, chill out! Take a deep breath, then get ready to publish your first post.

    How to make your first post on WordPress Blog.

Although I am going to show you publishing your first blog post since you should not do it until you publish your About page, Privacy Policy page, and contact page. If you want to know more about this, then follow the article below.

First, you need to have an article. Remember your story should be as like as Fish for Cat. Whatever, let me start because think you have an article. If not then at least have a brainstorming.

To publish your first post, click or hover your mouse on Posts’ menu then click on add new‘ to bring your posting option.


When post form comes out, just put your headline in the title box and put your content in the content box. Now you can use content editor toolbar to decorate your content. Click on the Toolbar Toggle symbol to show more options to spruce up your setup heading, bold, italic, build link, add image or video. If you want to insert a picture in your post, then use add media‘ button.

new post

When you click on add media button, then your media library would open in a pop-up window. Select upload files‘ tab and click select file‘ to upload an image from your computer. After uploading the image click insert into post’ button from the right bottom corner.


If you want to use a thumbnail or featured image in your post, then add a picture by clicking on set featured image’ option.

After you have completed your article, it is important to optimize your content using Yoast plugin. Yoast has published specific settings available immediate lower of the original text area. Some initial settings are SEO title, slug, meta description and focus keyword.


Finishing these settings will produce a preview of the items your publish may be like when it exposes to Google’s internet search engine results.

You need to create an attractive and compelling title and meta description to explain your post what about.

From Yoast SEO Analysis try to get a green signal as many as possible.remember you should not stress yourself to get green signal for all the item while you are all most over 80%. Because it is enough for the best result.


Now your blog post is ready to publish. To publish your post click on Publish’ button and your first post has published. That means you have made your website almost and keep posting then could make money soon

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