How To Start Blogging To Make Money With A Blog? Beginner Guide

Do you want to Make Money Online? Do you want to start a Blog? If you answer is yes, that is fine. You are welcome to start your Blogging. However, you do not know from where and how to start a Blog and how to growth it? Don’t worry I will guide you to make your money making Blog. I will lead you step by step from the scratch and take you to the professional label. Moreover, I will guide you until you receive a single penny in your pocket from your blog.

Before start a Blog Let me show you a quick review on why you should start blogging.

Why should you start a blog? It is a real question. Before starting a blog, you need to know why you want to do this. Isn’t it? The answer is very simple. Though there are many ways, Blogging is the ever easiest way you can make money online. Blogging is the tactics of many Earning. If you have a blog with huge traffic, then you can make tons of money from there.  Various ways you could apply to make money. For Example follow the list below.

There four most common ways that you can use make money from your Blog Site…


  1. Google AdSense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. PCA Marketing.
  4. E-commerce.


If you have huge traffic site, then you can utilize one more option to make money. For example, you can Make Money from “Google AdSense+ Affiliate Marketing” or “Google AdSense+ E-commerce.” You can mix any of them you want.

Also in blogging, there is no earning limited. It is entirely possible to earn millions of dollar from a single blog. That is why your earning will increase day by day. Moreover, blogging is the best way to grab search engine traffic.

So now I can say that, if you have taken one right decision through your past life it is you will blogging to make money.

However, I am going to start a blog, and you need just follow the guide step by step as I tell…

Start your Money Making Blog

    Step 1: Select Your Niche

Niche selecting is the first step that you need to take over the journey. Choosing a Niche literally mean to pick a subject, you are willing to write For. That means Niche is your Blog Topics.  You have selected your Niche almost that is Good but if you have not done yet then do it. I will recommend you to follow my Niche choosing guide “How to choose a perfect and profitable niche” before you pick your Niche.

    Step 2: Choose your Blogging Platform

After selecting you Niche now you have to pick a Platform to publish your Blog. There are lots of ways you can post your Blog. Some of them are totally free, and some other are Paid. You need to remember paid service is always batter then free. I will tell you to follow the paid option because you are going to take it as a profession. Moreover, you no need a big budget for this. You have to spend few dollars to buy a domain and hosting. Moreover, it will cost about 25 $ for one year. This is the professional way. However, if you are unable to do this then apply free methods.

There are many restrictions in the free plan. You do not get full access to your Blog. You cannot design as you like. Even you have to post abide by their TOS. Otherwise, they will disable your account. That sucks.  However, if you buy a domain and hosting it would be your own website. You could use it as like as you want without any restriction.  Not only that if you have a website, then you will get more priority in Marketplace and get more response from your traffic.

If 25 $ is expensive for you right now, then I tell you just buy a Domain only. It might cost 1 or 2$ for the first year. Moreover, host your Domain for free for an instant and when you make money from your blog then buy a hosting and shift your domain in your host. I will show you Where and How would you host your domain for free.

However, if you are in less money or want to start your blogging as a passion, then you can start your blogging with BlogSpot or Word press. These are the best blog platform for free.

Whatever you like to start your blog, I do not want to disappoint you. I am going to expose every item separately. Choose just one way you want to walk from the list below. I will recommend you to select the last one. For getting started with the 3rd option, you may need to know How to Buy a Domain and Hosting. (Otherwise, skip the option)

Hey! Hang a moment to run through the past. How long way you have left in your journey? Now you have a Website to publish your blog post. Are you Feeling great? Yes, this feeling is awesome. Almost you have taken few turn to Success. Now you have a platform or a blog or a website to start your blogging, and now you need to publish your content.

    Step 3: Publish your content in Your Blog

First Go to your start menu and then open Microsoft Office and start to type or take a note with pen and start to write down. Now write a headline as like “Get About Your Summer Vacation” and then Now complete the headline with all the idea you have to enjoy summer vacation. Include top charming place with a photo where they can go and make a list of the entire tactic to have a blast.  After Completing your article, publish it on your blog.

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Publish Your First Post in Your Blog.

Go to your Dashboard >>>> Click on Posts >>>>> Click on Add New and your posting option will appear.  Now Copy your Headline from MS Word and paste in the Title Box. Then copy your article and paste in the body. (Upload your image if have) Now click on the Publish Button and (((BOOM))) your first post has published on Online. 


Note:: You Must Cure Your Content Before Publish.  Because of Search Engin or Traffic none like shit content. 

    Step 4: Share Your Blog on Social Media

I hope you almost know that social media is a viral source for traffic. Every people over the world are spending the time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, Tumblr and so on. You can share your post through the social media as like as you want. Either You can only share your post on your social media profile or can make follower fan page for your blog. Moreover, the fan page is the best way to go.

So I am going to show you how to create social media page for a website that will help you to engage more traffic from social media.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog Site?

How To Create A  Twitter Profile For Your Website?

How To Create A Google Plus Page For Website?

How To Create A Pinterest Business Account For Your Website?

How To Create An Instagram Profile Page For Your Blog?

How To Create A Linkedin Company Page For Website?

How To Create A Tumblr Blog For Website?

Have you completed all the step I mentioned above? If not then complete before jumping on next tutorial. Remember time and tide wait for none so Don’t west your time here and there. Try to concern on your job and keep posting continue then Insa-Allah you must get the success. Now I am going to dismiss for today but come back soon with your next Turn. Till then take Care.

Note:: How To Start Blogging To Make Money With A Blog? Step By Step Guide For Beginner First Tutorial

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