How to be Success in Online Marketing?

How to be Success in Online Marketing? Two Secret Rule To Achieve The Goal.

Here is the Two Secret Key of How to be Success in Online Marketing that I have got instead of 5 years and lots of money.


You are trying hard and doing many struggles On Online Marketing, but you are not getting success. Probably you have tried hundreds of strategies. You have watched thousands of tutorial videos even paid. Perhaps you have spent lots of money to buy tutorials and software. However, at the end you are still there, where is no success.

Probably you have learned great tips and tricks. You know more than other but could not add up anything but frustration in your profit sheet. Moreover, now you are disappointed right now.


You are pretty interested in online marketing and want to build a bright future in online marketing. You have started or want to start than this article for you.


Here in this article, I am going to share two Key to get success in online marketing. Not exactly online marketing, everywhere you want to get success in life this is the viral ways to go. This is a secret way. I am telling this is secret because the cruelty of reality covers it. Not only me, but every successful people will also acknowledge this. To invent this, you have to go deeper and deeper into fact.


I have spent over five years in online marketing without any success. Those days were a terrifying experience for me. I just ran after the success but did not get it. Because I did not can to realize the truth. I was running for tips and tricks but could not find out the way, the key to getting success. Through the time, I have walked on the wrong way.


I had to spend lots of money and so many times To get these ways. It had the batter that I understand. Moreover, I am going to shear it with you that you could save time and money from wasting in wrong ways. It is not for all of the people, its for only them who will take it seriously. Because everybody can not sign in life.


It is a disclaimer for you. If you have no goal or a vivid dream something like quite impossible or don’t like to strive to get some things batter, then get away. Because, this is not a story for a looser or a phobic who scare to dream, who has no goal and who need not any success. However, if you do not scare to watch many dreams and the sky is your limit. Do You want to achieve thousands of goal? Are you ready to struggle to get success? Then you are welcome.


Having a beautiful dream is a matter of brave. You need to have a big bosom for watching precious dream. Everybody cannot do this. It is not a work of average people. Because success does not come quickly, to bring success, need to work hard. Everyone knows it. However, Is only heard work enough to achieve the goal?

Online Marketing is a billion dollar industry. Thousands of people are making a million dollar from online marketing. So it is entirely possible some guys like you and me will weave their dream of million dollars in this industry. It is natural, and there is no guilt. But the problem is how?

Jut walk through the ways below. To be a success, two rule you need to follow. I do not know how much you could abide by the rules? Remember your success wold depend on this two legs. More strength you have in your legs, you could run more first

As a percentage, if you follow the rules 50% then you will get 50% output. If you follow 100%, then get 100% output.

you may realize this as like as I got but you have spent huge time and money for that. I don’t know how much I would be able to make understand you. Because I don’t know how to present something welly. but I will try my best.

Two Key For How to be the success in online marketing or in Life?



    If you want to go first, then run through the long track

If you want to go first, then run through the long track.

Suppose, you are a runner and want to Run in an event to be Champion, so you have to cross every runner, Which are your competitor.if you could take over your all opponent then you will be a champion. You have to run faster than other if you want to do this. Isn’t it?


Let me draw the same situation in online marketing. You are a marketer that means runner. You have to market that mean run, and your event is Online. Here your goal is making money and strategies are the runways. Now you have to run firster that means you have to massive marketing that you can chase your competitor. If you could use viral marketing, then you would make money and be a success. Isn’t it?

When your goal is cover the track, then your success independent of your speed. As quick you will cover the track as quick you will get success. So if you want immediate success, then you have to pick up your speed. But how to boost up your speed?

Exactly how could you run faster than other? How to run first? How to cross the line before your competitor? Moreover, this is the fact.

If you want to pick up your speed to get success quickly, then you need a master tricks. Such tricks that would increase your speed to achieve your goal in a short time ever. And this is the tricks Run through the long track to reach first.


When you are an online marketer then you achievement is making money. So more money you can earn in short time more you succeed.

If you want to get quick success in life, then use the longest method you know. Whatever is it, Does not matter at all. It could be any success. Of course, success is a comparative thing. That depends on the individual.

What is the Accurately meaning of run through the long track or use the longest method? The answer is void the shortcut. Yes, you have to give up the shortcut and easy ways. That is why success is not such as easy things. Instantly you may go first using the shortcut, but at the end, you will be a loser.

You should get away from all the shortcut ways. Don’t try to use tricks, try to use the natural system as much as possible. Reduce following easy and short cut for the best output.

Do not finish your job with the rush. Take as much time as possible for smoothly done the job.

You might look. People use autopilot software or plugin to get their web content. Use the generator to generate an article. Use traffic booster software to increase review. Using that kind of tricks instantly the get higher of the volume. But, a few days later get back at grout.

You do not think that I am telling you not to use any software or update product but carefully. Use only that item those are essential and helpful and 100% league. Either you have to feel in the same gap again and again.

Even though following the long methods is hard and time full, you have to do. You must have to work hard. There is no easy way to be a success in the world.


Of course, Someone could achieve their goal using the shortcut, but their success won’t be rewarding.

So try to come with the main road without using bypass for quick reach.

Why should not use Shortcut?

Most of the time shortcut way violet the rule. If you violate the law, then you would be void. Example::

if you use 1, shortcut then your probability to get the penalty is 10%.

If you use two shortcuts then ….. Probability is 20%

And it will increase 1 = 10#

No this is your choice how much chance you will give to get the penalty. Where smart people wish 0%.


Now you could say if the shortcut does not the rule, then I will ask you, Could you give 100% guaranty? If you can give then, you may do otherwise not.


However, now I am getting start with other tips…


    Get down your speed for the best output


I hope there is nobody who doesn’t know the story about tortoise and hare. Even though we know that tortoise the conqueror, we tend to follow rabbit. I don’t know why but I know that if you could be the Tortoise, then you will be the success otherwise you have to be disappointed.

The second secret way to achieve the goal is down your speed as much as possible. Spacely in a long event.

This could explore negative impact in you first but after finish this article you have to acknowledge the truth. Also, you will get down your speed.

Why should you down your speed?

The answer to the question is simple. You have to be tortoise to achieve the goal that’s why tortoise was the winner. I can not give you the typical example more than it.

If you think in deep, then you also realize this that tortoise was the winner for her slow speed. You may react and say hey Mahfuz! The tortoise was the winner for hard work, not for his slow speed. Then I tell if tortoise’s speed was not slow then he could not hard work as he did. If he went fast, then he had to take rest as like as Hare. When your target is long far away, then you can’t achieve this with high speed. Because you are not a machine like a rocket.


Let me show you an another example. Suppose A and B, two runners.

A is a runner of 100 meters. He runs first and finishes the track within a couple of seconds.


But B is a runner of the Marathon. That means he has to run miles after miles. Now if he runs first as like as A then could he finish the track? Not at all, and the reason is simple. Because his track is so long. If B wants to finish his track without any break, then he has to move slowly from the beginning.



When you want to succeed in Online marketing or in life, then you must have to run slow. Otherwise, you can not be the success that’s why neither online marketing nor life is short.


You have worked hard day after day, month after month, year after year. So if you do not get down your speed, then you can not let cross it.


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