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How to Optimize Image for SEO [Search Engine Ranking] Advance Image SEO Guide

Advance Image SEO Guide for Blogger/Marketer/SEO Expert.

If you want to Rank your website on the search engine it is crucial to optimize your Image. Today you will Learn, How do you Optimize Image for SEO or Search Engine Ranking, through this article.

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When you are doing SEO for your website or Blog it is very important to care every single part, it does not matter how small it is.  When you will go for every single element to optimize, the image is the most important part that you have to optimize


Optimized Title, Keywords & Metatags


Now it is really hard to think a website without the image. People use the image in every website. An image makes a post or article alive, makes a website so beautiful. People tend to use 1-10, even more, the image in every single blog post to decorate it.  We use the image for a blog post, thumbnail, slider, gallery, link, add and much more.  So if you do not use those images perfectly, your website will not rank first on the search engine.  That sucks. So follow the rule below to optimize your image for SEO so that your sites rank first on the search engine.


Steps to Optimize Image for SEO


          Image Selection

First of all, take time to select an image to make sure that it’s perfect for your website. Every time try to choose a meaningful and attractive image that will grab the attention of your buyer. When you share your post on social media, It is true that thumbnail image is most powerful than your Title or message to grab the attention of people. So try to use the most similar image to your topic. Do not use such kind of image that is not related anyhow with your topics.


          Don’t Use Copyright Images

Before uploading an image to your host for using on your blog or website make sure that it is free from copyright. When you upload a copyright image on your site you may get copyright strict against that image. Getting DMCA has a very bad impact on SEO. The search rank of your site must be fallen down when you will get copyright strict. So it is very important to check image copyright before it uses. If you don’t have an idea to select copyright free image then I have a short tip on how to get a copyright free image. The Best practice is, to use a unique image.


           Reduce Image Size

Reducing image size is the most advantage and technical part of SEO. A less weight helps your site to load first. When you will reduce the size of the entire image you use, your site’s page speed will increase high. You know that page speed is a big issue in SEO. Because your site will lose traffic when it will take more than 3 seconds to load. Especially Google handles this issue very carefully. The Most first loaded site gets the most priority in Google Rank. That’s why it is most important to reduce your image size to increase your sage speed.

Remember you have to reduce the weight of image, not its width and height. If you reduce the width or height of your images then it would be looking ugly that also bad for SEO. Because the image won’t be clear and your reader doesn’t like to see it. So your image should be clear and less-weight as much as possible. But how do you reduce your image size without losing its regulation? Don’t worry, there is a solution. I will show you how I do this for myself. And you can use the technique for yourself too.

It is a very easy task and your dog can do it. Not exactly your dog, but it’s so easy. When your image is ready to go then open it with a Photoshop. After opening the image with Photoshop, just Save it by using “save for web” option. That’s it. Now compare before and after image. You’re after the image is looking same but it has lost a lot of weight. Now you can use this image on your blog or website.


If you don’t have or like to use Photoshop, then you can use some tools online that is easy. Here I am leaving two online tools to reduce your JPG and PNG image. Don’t worry! Both tools are free. Try JPEGMini or PunyPNG.


           Use Key Word in Image Name

People tend to use image name something like disorder. But it is a bad practice for SEO. A professional does this never. So give a good name of your image instead of mess name.  Using the keyword in image name is one of the advantages of SEO. So Every time you upload an image give it a mane using your keyword.  


            Use alt Tag

“alt tag” not basically a tag. “Alt tag” is a commonly used attribute that complete the image tag. Publish an image without alt tag is a big mistake in SEO. Every Image should have an alt tag. Alt tags used to describe the description of your image. Alt tags tell screen readers, visually impaired user and the browsers used by the blind, what’s the image. So it’s very important to use right alt tag for both user and search engine.


Yoast (One of the best WordPress SEO plugin) suggest using your keyword phrase in image alt tag, al last in one image per page. But don’t report this for every image on your page. It is a spam. Infect, the best practice is putting the actual right description of the image. So use the most relevant image to your keyword.

yoast SEO function of image alt tag


Using Alt attribute in your image tag is easy. Just add ‘alt=“your keyword phrase”’ inside image tag in HTML code. Like this below.

example of image alt tag

When you are a CMS user like WordPress then you will get the option to add alt and title for your image, when you upload it. By default WordPress use image name in the alt tag. Just remove it and put your one.



            USE Title Tag

While mouse over on a picture, IE demonstrates the alt message as a ‘tooltip’. Chrome demonstrates the title content like it was planned. Title content for pictures is comparable and many people that utilization these just duplicate the alt content. An ever-increasing number of individuals just forget these. What is it for? “The title characteristic can be exceptionally helpful, yet it isn’t a protected method for giving essential data. Rather, it offers a decent approach to give insignificant data, for instance, the mindset of the picture, or what it implies in the setting.” it’s pleasant to have data without a doubt, and isn’t considered for picture Website optimization.


“Title” is an image attribute as like as alt. just add ‘title=“ your image title” ’ in your image tag like alt.

example of image title tag

In WordPress, you will get this option when you upload an image Or edit image from media to add a title.


            Responsive Image

Day by day, mobile traffic is increasing high. You should care this traffic seriously. When you go to image optimization of a website, it’s not fair to use the same image for Desktop Computer and mobile phone. Because desktop needs large size image then mobile. If you use the same image for mobile then it will take some extra second to load. It’s both annoying and costly for your user. So if you use smaller size image for the phone then desktop it will load first. That saves your user’s time and money. This little care of user can increase your rank top in search engine.


The best practice of SEO is, to use different size image for every device depending on its screen width. You can do this using CSS.


If you are a WordPress user then you don’t have to be worrying about that. Since WordPress does this by default from version 4.4.


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